Tournament defense after starts

Hi all, here is my question: if we set a hero on Tournament and continue level up/emblem him after the Tournament start, will all the change be applied?

I know it will not in war defense, but not sure about Tournament. Can anyone give answer to it, thank you in advance.

Yes, you can continue levelling and embleming the hero after the tournament starts. And your defense will improve along with it against future incoming attacks.
You can also level up the troops that are set to the heroes, though you can’t change the troops of course.


Wow thank you thank you, I never know we can do it for troop too.

No. As far as I can remember, once the raid tourney commences, whatever level or emblems are on the heroes set on defense were set before, it cannot be improved anymore. Sure, you may have the hero maxed or put some more talents on them, but they will appear on your defense as it was before the said improvements.

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Found this old thread from a year ago

@Guvnor Was there any official SG confirmation of this?

I just tried to put an extra emblem on a hero in my tournament defense team. It was updated also in the tournament defense team.

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Don’t think so sorry.

Ok, thanks. I mean, visually you can see the changes in real time, but we can’t tell if the latest is the version that our opponents are attacking

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