Tournament defence points allocation change required

I have been playing this game on a regular basis for more than a year now. This might be my first topic post. Hope it excites everyone.

I think SG should relook into the point allocation from defence in the raid tournaments. Allocating defence points on a daily basis on cumulative basis is pretty unfair.

Imagine a person does not get attacked on the first day and win all his five battles, he just suffers from point loss for no fault of his own. Also at the end of the 5 day tournament it gives a better and bigger picture as to the points the person should get from his defence.

Also it will make the final results more exciting as the defence points will be added at the end make the leaderboard tilt in anyones favour.

Also deciding on the defence points can be done on a lot of different ways, something similar like attack points( more defence points if you killed few of the other team heroes rather than getting zero), pro rata basis or something similar as to on what they are already running. I know there need to give a thought process into the depth of it.

What do you guys think about this…Should we request SG to make such a change so the game and the results can be a little more exciting…

Please Voice your Opinion.

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