Tournament Defence Automatic Change

Hey all. As you know tournament did not start on monday due to some problems. Then it started on tuesday. But i noticed now that my defence has been changed automatically. İt starts with the most powerful hero in my roster then goes on from left to right. Kiril 782, rigard 776, bold 775, ninja 770, gullin 757. My original defence had kiril in the middle, grimm and ninja were on the flanks. That’s why i am all red in defence points :frowning: anyone else has the same problem? This tournament should be cancelled i think.

So you joined the tournament but didn’t update your defense? Whatever old team you had was cleared, along with everyone else’s.

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Yup when they restarted the tournament the defenses set up were apparently lost. SG really should have sent an in-game notification to let people know what was happening. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i joined to tournament on Sunday. And then did nothing. A notification would be very helpful about joining and rearranging the defense. SG is really annoying.

They sent out a notification about it. Unfortunately unless they decide to implement a message that pops up in the middle of the screen for notices all the info can be found in the mailbox like they usually use. They always include a link for More Info as well.

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