Tournament Deal - good or not?


It looks like a decent deal but I think it’s only because of my permanent lack of backpacks and clothes.
:see_no_evil: Is it a new one? I can’t remember it.

Has somebody bought it?

They gives better exp than the normal summons and it wouldn’t betray your expectations.
x50 1* feeders (meat/time not included)
x50 1*/2* feeders (meat/time not included)
x3 3* ≥ heroes/troops
x3 5* ≥ heroes

But I wouldn’t still buy it :slight_smile:


It’s new, and it’s decent. Wish one if the tokens was epic hero, but there are way worse ways to spend 10 bucks in this game. I’m not getting it, but could see why others would.

By the way, if you need backpacks, you should be spending WE on nothing but season 2 1-8 during Atlantis Rises. You’ll end up with hundreds of them.


They gives better exp than the normal summons and it wouldn’t betray your expectations.

I know but I think I was just blown away because of that deal. But I haven’t and surely won’t buy that one.

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I took the offer simply because I needed to boost my line up of 3* heroes for the war. The trainer heroes was good for feeding my 3* lineup. The back packs did me well because I am training a particular colour to speed level a new 5* hero. I won’t buy it as a general rule but it was a good offer at a time that I needed it. My 3* are now almost fully leveled and ready for the tournament.

It’s a fairly bad deal, if you can farm Atlantis levels.

At level 30, it nets you an average 30% less hero experience than spending $10 on world energy and farming Atlantis 2:1-7 hard during Atlantis Rises. At level 40, it’s 67% worse.

And farming 2:1-7 hard also gets you over half the recruits you need to make use of the packs, swords and rugged clothes you get. You’ll need to come up with a ton of recruits if you buy this pack.


I wish they wouldn’t do deals on training items or battle items personally

I’m sure next they’ll start selling recruits

Just seems like they’re trying to make it where you dont have to farm at all anymore

The battle item deals are pretty nuts considering the world energy you would have to spend to make the amount of items they sell very cheap

You would also have to farm a good amount to get 50 backpacks

Atlantis rising is already letting players maximize on loot ticket deals

SG is making it easier and easier for players to just buy their way through which will suck the fun out of the game in the long run

Want to sell ascension item here n there, ok fine

Want to sell hero tokens that come with 1 or 2 battle items, ok fine

Want to sell some trainers here n there, ok fine

But just this past week I’ve seen 100s of battle items for sell, 50 backpacks, and around 80 trainers or more, all buyable and all allow players to just skip the grind of farming. The world map will no longer be needed if things continue in this direction.

Normally a solid item stock, maxing heros faster than others, and things of that nature is a good sign, like a badge to show you’ve been bustin your ■■■ to get ahead

Now it’s just “i bought 80 trainers, 200 loot tickets, 50 backpacks, and the item deals from the shop, after atlantis rises, i won’t need to farm for weeks”

Not exactly the gameplay style i want to encourage really. If I’m competing against other players, I’d like to think it’s competing with more than just our wallets, time and effort need to mean something. Sure players could buy heros and troops, but still had to grind to max those heros and level those troops(unless they just have a ridiculous amount of throw away cash for a video game)

It’s gettin out of hand SG.


Farming is tedious. Any deal that eases the endless drone of farming is a good deal, IMO.

Farming is the only thing that keeps money from being the sole dividing factor between “good players, average players”

You take that factor out, game is p2w and on it’s way to death. Has happened to multiple games that pushed players to this one. I won’t mention names but have heard it over and over again.

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I mean, sure, I get that it’s necessary. That doesn’t make it any more enjoyable.

is this a good deal assuming that i’m struggling to level my heros ?
i am mainly interested in these XP heros, not really the backpacks etc. that i can get in farming.
i’ve just had wu kong, boldtusk etc. but can’t level quick which is frustrating.
also i only have a red 4* troops and all others are 3* so hoping to get some troops
thanks !

No its not a good deal, because there is nothing there that either you cant get with a little patience or in the case of tokens the chances that you will get something usefull is what less than 2%??

Save your money and farm away. If you can farm season two, province 1 level 9… it will give you swords and backpacks and recruits fast enough to get heros to feed.

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well farming these levels costs like 6 Energy, so it’s not called farming (and atlantis events are like once a month) if you can only do 4 of them and have to wait half a day to refill your energy.

Season 2 1:9 cost 3 world energy during Atlantis Rises
You save world energy flask to farm during Atlantis Rises. Win win for you in the end. You should be able to get enough recruits, swords, & backpacks for the month if you save the flask you get and spend some gems instead of waiting for your world energy to refill.

Imo, not really. The only thing I believe is even remotely worth getting is the Atlantis Offer that pops up every time an Atlantis Summon rolls around. And that is the 400 gems and 25 Atlantis coins. Only thing I would even consider buying. Everything else is meh.

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I like the offer.

50 premium feeders 44ct each is ok imo. You will also get 100 backies and 8 tokens.

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One of the best things about the tournament. The packs are great and the troops relieve some of the grind in lvling, especially the last levels for 5* heroes.

Save the EHT for seasonal events (Xmas, sands, Halloween and Bunnies) and added bonus if the hotm is good.

I usually have terrible luck on pulls but here are three heroes that I pulled from these tokens.
Victor, Eve, Rana
Sure odds are slim but at least it’s not zero odds.

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@kikiep I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest noting this post in particular:

Hello guys, I missed this offer today. Everynody knows when will be back? I purchased always this kind of offer but being to office i remembered too late to purchase and when i entered was gone.
I wait for a reply.

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