Tournament Counterattack

Just hit by Sumitomo in Tournament, my CA active on nearly dead Grimm. CA damage received by Sumitomo 18. Final attack on AI had CA active received 743 CA damage. On nearly dead Sumitomo.

Sorry not 100% sure what’s going on here.

Do you happen to have screenshots?

If not can you outline:

  1. Who was on which team
  2. Who attacked who
  3. Who got what damage

Please don’t use abbreviations as this just makes it harder to follow :slight_smile:

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My team all blue kiril, boril, Grimm, Triton, agwe. Defense team had only Sumitomo left with Counterattack acitve. Sumitomo uses special on Counterattack buffed Grimm. Grimm near death, Sumitomo less than 400hp. Sumitomo special attack kills Grimm generates 18damage from Counterattack. Use Triton special on Sumitomo, kills Sumitomo, generates full counter damage.

Ok so if I got it straight:

  1. Your team had Grimm who had the counter buff applied by BORIL.
  2. Enemy team Sumitomo cast his Oija attack & killed Grimm.
  3. Damage returned back to Sumitomo was just 18 HP
  4. YOU fired triton at Sumitomo & killed him. Counter damage received BAVK go triton killed him

So my question now is: was Grimm near death?

Counter attack will reflect/counter damage equal to {x%} times ACTUAL damage inflicted…
The ACTUAL damage inflicted is either [remaining HP] or [damage number], whichever is SMALLER

I.e. if the enemy has 10 HP remaining and you shoot him with a sniper for 900 damage. The counter will only return based on the 10 hp… I.e the DAMAGE RECEIVED

What I THINK has happened is your Grimm was down at like 13 HP remaining. So when Sumitomo targetted him, the only damage he could return was the HP he actually lost (135% * 13 = 18 countered)

I said that twice. Grimm was near death. And this is the argument. Attack dealt by Sumitomo should have received damage according to attack so if his attack is 700, damage received from 100% counter should be 700. Or whatever percentage.

Unfortunately while you may see it that way, it’s not the case.

Counter ONLY deals back the physical damage taken…

Counter was accidentally changed to function the way you are wanting in V26 Update (see thread below). This was acknowledged as a BUG and was changed back to the way I said it functions (above) in V27.

Guvnor has stated this accurately - a hero can only counterattack with their remaining hit points. If they have 10 HP left, the max they can be counterattacked is for those 10 points, even if the hit does much more.

Yet not how it works. And has been addressed multiple times. My point is the tournament is not using same mechanics as raids. As this has been addressed, I read the articles first. Raids have been fixed so this is not an issue. It has to be same for both teams. In raids it was addressed and logic said hitting a mirror breaks it but still reflects the damage force applied.

It is working exactly as I said.

Grimm = no health = not much counter back
Sumitomo = much more health = much more counter back

NOT the total amount of damage that COULD have been dealt.

Raids now function exactly the same way… Counter damage reflects based on the HP LOST not the “damage number” which is shown on the screen.

I think the problem is that Sumitomo had less than 400 HP left. With a counter attack of 135%, that should only be 540 damage and not 743 as mentioned in the OP.

Or maybe I’m missing something?

I see we are in the updated version. So I am not wrong. It was addressed before and that logic was applied. Now seen as a bug. Understood.

Why I removed number from tertiary posts. As accuracy not guaranteed. Just knew math applied changed as originally Sumitomo would have died from his own attack.

Cool, so all happy & resolved?

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