Tournament. Change

Have the tournament Monday and Friday. 24 hour period. 3 periods of 6 hours, 5 flags each period with two 3 hour breaks between tournaments…fills dead days. Less likely to have program leaks. Less stress on the system and definitely cuts down on the overload.

I didn’t understand anything of what you said :joy:

But the bottom line is you wanna 2 tournaments a week? Yeah, would be nice for us to get the loot twice a week and this is exactly the reason they will never have this implemented :slight_smile:

6 hours period one. 3 hour break. 6 hours period two. 3 hour break. 6 hours period three. Tournament over.

Basically, she doesn’t want to sleep.


I shan’t be voting for this idea.


Currently we have 5 days of tourney @ 5 flags per day with freedom to use spill over flags, total 25 flags in all.

If I get your suggestion correctly, you are suggesting the tourney should be cramped into two days? @ 3 periods of 6hrs each and at 5 flags per period, 15 flags per day, total 30 flags for the 2 days?

The restricted timing seems not to care about players’ real life.

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This sounds a lot like how the Tournaments were run during Beta testing, which got a fair number of complaints about it making it difficult to have time to test them.

If anything like this ever got implemented, I would take a break from the Forum until it was changed back. There would be an overwhelming tsunami of negative feedback.


You are correct. But it’s much more challenging…lol

Ya only need 4 to 6 hours sleep

:joy::joy::joy: she dont have kids or animals , if the tournament with be for so short periode not many Will be able to attend

Hey Aussie, many of the players are adults with families, kids, pets, jobs, some are leaders even CEOs, and have other social lives; to some, gaming is just a pass-time fun and another socializing medium with alliance, not a job nor a chore,

Therefore, making a proposition that would impact adversely on players’ other social lives is like trying to take away the fun.

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What’s with all the suggestions to further restrict the times that we’re “allowed” to play? As if taking away a full day from Atlantis wasn’t bad enough.

While we’re at it… here are some more ideas we could try.

  • Going forward, all titans spawn at 3:42 p.m. UTC-11 standard time and must be killed before 5:03 p.m.
  • Monster chests can only be completed after sunset and before sunrise
  • Instead of being restricted to raiding offline players, from now on, you can only revenge raid players when they’re online
  • Elemental chests only spawn randomly on full moons, and must be completed within 3 hours after spawning
  • All future challenge events will last exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes. You may only choose one level to complete and all 15 stages must be completed in that time frame, or else you get no rewards. Also, you are responsible for providing your own WE flasks.

Any more great ideas anyone would like to add?

@TGW I think you’re looking for The Ridiculous Ideas & Features Thread


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I thought I was already there :laughing:

I guess I’m just confused. Yesterday we were arguing about how loot boxes were more addictive than heroin, today everyone thinks all events should be reduced down to a 1 hour window to be more competitive… or something.