Tournament bug

I enjoy tournament, but today I was confused about the outcome.
Enemy team:
Kiril+ Proteus+ Colen+ LiXiu+ Melendor

My team:
Sonya+ Gormek+ Wu Kong+ Cyprian + Colen

Now we fought it out. Wu Kong on my side died first and near the end I was left with Cyprian and Sonya (only Cyprian had a buff and a debuff from Proteus). The enemy had Kiril and Proteus left (only buffs from Kiril).

Now the confusing part is when I managed to get Sonya’s special and when I hit Kiril with it- it missed. I managed to get another special and it again missed him. I tried checking their passives, but nothing says they should do that…

Something is not right with the tournament. It says that healers have no affect and that the mana is set to fast. Thus, I set my heroes accordingly. Healers are healing for the enemy and mana is slow. Something is really wrong and needs to be fixed.

Uhhh… Not quite…

This tournament is the "Buff Booster " one.

What I think you are referring to is the screen which shows all POSSIBLE rules:

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Regarding this I’m not 100% sure.

Do you have Screenshots or videos from the battle?

Only thing I can think of is wu’s special was still on. Possible for a shorter battle, less so for a longer one.

Sorry I can’t be of much more help.

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