Tournament - buff booster and Brienne

Does the 20% attack buff booster stack with Brienne’s 45% attack boost? If so, it would be awesome to have her in the team, maybe two of her!


Yep, it stacks!

That’s been discussed in the main thread, including:

And there are a dozen or so posts in that thread where people are discussing using Brienne on their Tournament teams.


Can you dispel the attack boost?

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I think so, as long as the boost applies to “buffed” heroes, removing the buff, the boost is no longer valid.


What about if we insert buffs on the enemies. For instance, Gil-ra adds lower defense and lower attack on enemies. Would that translate into 40% increased attack on the enemies?

Thank you


Nope. Those are debuffs, they don’t count as buffs. :slight_smile:


Brienne is the way to go. She turns defending team attacks (not the charged power) into nukes.

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I wish I had Brianne too, I am struggling to get past a certain section I have tried lots of things. On the positive I summoned my first 5 star hero Called Guardian Panther today. Hopefully if I level up enough on her I can get through this stage.

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That is a VERY positive summon! She’s awesome! Wish I had her!!

that would dispell any attack and defense buffs though, which can be valuable to remove the stackable attack buff too.

So, in other words, if somebody’s buff overrides another hero’s buff, THEY don’t stack. Only the latest buff gets the boost, correct? In other words, if Boldtusk casts his +40% attack first, THEN Kiril casts his shield and +30% attack second, The +30% gets the boost, because it changed the +40% to +30%.

Correct, similar buffs typically don’t stack, e.g. Boldtusk’s and Kiril’s attack buffs would overwrite, rather than stack.

There are some exceptions to that, and there’s a ton of detail on literally every status effect in the game in this thread, including which stack and overwrite: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments


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