Tougher odds than use to be of getting farming ingredients despite rate drop % not changing

Before the last couple of updates farming was fair for me!

I could farm Atlantis, do well at piling up nuggets and bones, as well as season 1 and do well at getting the items there as well.

Now stupidly scarce and multiple uses of full world energy multiple times with barely if anything of those two ingredients.

This leaves me to believe ingredients for higher end weapons having been nerfed!

So my question than would be is empires and puzzles trying to weed us out?

Are they trying to say heavy spenders and elite only players is what they want?

Is anyone else farming finding that getting bones and nuggets is extremely tough now which help making time stops and much more?

I suggest you make a statistical study on this. Farm the same map for XXX number of days or months and present the result of your study. Unfortunately, we don’t have such study prior to this, so we do not have something to compare them to. Without such studies, all we have are suppositions based on personal bias.

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I disagree with there always needing to be evidence presented.

Sometimes enough people is evidence itself if enough claim the same issue.

Plus telluria sorta went that way as well before was nerfed. Enough came forward complaining.

I have played multiple levels season 1 mutiples of times over two months.

so while I have no videos to present showing such.

I can’t just take hundreds of videos taking up too much space on my phone

I’m a very observant ocd person. I do understand what your saying.

How’ve I am not new to empires and puzzles and very aware people don’t want nonsense claims!

At the same time these forums are to start debates so please do kindly understand I am merely seeking people with the same issue.

Not people who would jump to discredit me.

Any helpful advice or name change suggestion if preferred deeply appreciated.

Thanks much and sincerely deeply appreciate your understanding.

As, well as humbly and deeply appreciate your advice.

Nah. I do understand you. I was just like you then. It’s just because when we started playing this game, we tend to leave those crafting materials idly by until they accumulate to a certain amount that we thought that getting them is easy, subconsciously ignoring the days, weeks and months poring on the same map over and over again. Until we get to a level when we need certain battle items to combat titans and certain maps and quests where battle items are needed. And lo and behold, our stash of these crafting materials are already empty !! Then we farm. Only then we realize that getting those previously-hoarded crafting materials are not easy to come by. The remedy is to farm again. And again. And again. We dance to the beat of the grind.

I’ve realized this since at one point of time, I have hoarded thousands of rugged clothes previously unused until someone from a sister alliance gave us the tip on doing TC19. There were only 2 times where I had zero rugged clothes. Now, I had over 7k. Same with practice swords, though there were more than half a dozen times where I encountered zero swords though currently I still have them in the thousands also. Also with adventurer’s kit, but this is remedied by Atlantis Rising and I can now have a training camp to sustain a month’s worth of queuing TC2 function until the next AR comes.

As to crafting materials, I had certain times where I had zero common herbs, crude iron, large bone, etc. Now they are in the hundreds even though I occasionally craft them for me to have a steady supply of potions and other battle items.

In sum, one tends to realize how difficult to find the right ones are only when they are gone already. So we move on. We farm. We grind. We look for them. Or ignore their presence when they come. Same with real life.

Wish you the best. Always.


Okay. It’s just before the last update despite I wasn’t ever getting these items in the abundance. When I farmed Atlantis with 29 world energy flask I could not even get near 100 bones like I could before and when I use to get bones and nuggets from 5/8-6/8 season 1 sometimes but not as much from 11/9 and 12/9 season 1. I’ve gone through 40 plus world energy full amounts in addition flasks to not much prevail. So I thought what’s going on here what the heck I thought. Because when got good on Atlantis is was like anywhere from 1-4 bones and 1-2 nuggets it varied but season one id get like 1 bone if lucky two. I’d usually get more nuggets than bones and sometimes it shifted but than it became null mostly on both.

Maybe only in that last Atlantis. Or this particular day or week when you notice them very scarce. I hope you’ll notice a balance where the next day, week or Atlantis, these items you wanted come in abundance. Who knows?

RNG be RNG. I have come to accept that. I have come to realize that since acceptance is key for one to truly move on. Denial only makes your gaming experience difficult, which breeds frustration, which breeds anger. Same with real life. People tend to forget that this is just a mobile game. Have fun with it. Laugh at yourself for all the stupid things you have done and thought on the game. It makes everything much much much easier.


Fair enough I’ll try that direction than. Peace :slight_smile:

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I swear if you asked really incredibly nicely that @BarryWuzHere probably has such a data set. He has contributed so much already though, so that might be a big ask; personal requests and all.

4* crafting ingredients are very low probability (~2.3% of crafting mats found farming are 4* mats, assuming you aren’t farming in S1 where none of them can possibly drop), and most of the map has equal chances of all three versions, ~0.8% chance of getting them…

With odds that low, big clumps of “good” and “bad” luck are expected. (And the statistical likelihood of them can even be calculated)

So a long “bad run” at it is common. In these terms a WE flask worth of farming isn’t even very long as a run; you should expect wide variations from one to the next.

If you look at total farmed over a week or a month, it should start to average out better.

In addition, I’m pretty sure (haven’t exactly calculated since I don’t track farming quests in my sheet) that most quests are worse for farming than the map, and now we have 2 trials each week, and monthly challenge events, tower of legends, etc. in ever increasing numbers that are taking our world energy away from “normal” farming.

I would guess that the WE spent on quests/challenges/etc. is slightly reducing your monthly amount of mats on average compared to before. So is the reduced length of Atlantis Rises, if you are comparing to before that was done.


Has anyone taken on this task? I have several players in my alliance who do not complete all of the quests, yet I autoplay all of them… maybe I should stop? :thinking:

@BarryWuzHere Thanks for sharing and thanks for your farming guide.

There are quests that are not worth the world energy. For example, Recruits I quest, it is best to only finish the first stage. Same with Recruits II, unless there is an ETT drop after finishing the last stage. You may also be in a certain level where the common quest (Mine Iron and Farm Food) is irrelevant by reason that you already have highly leveled resources structures. These quests are meant only for newbies due to their scarce food and iron supply.

For me, the quests worth taking world energy on are: (1) Recruits I (first stage only), (2) Recruits II (first stage only unless there is a confirmed ETT), (3) Gain Experience, (4) Battle Items II, (5) all class quests, (6) Masquerade, (7) Tavern of Legends, (8) Shiloh Dessert, Frostmarch, Mt. Umber, Morlovia, Shrikewood, Farholme Pass 1 & 2, (9) all special monthly quests, (10) all seasonal events, (11) Unfinished stages in the world map (i am currently on Season 3).

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I’ve noticed, there was I time I could craft tornadoes and super mana when needed… Now I’m lucky to have 5 of each in a week, it’s pathetic. Comes down to farming Atlantis Rises. SG is getting pretty F en greedy, constantly getting bombarded by ads to buy items and gems, to but loot tickets

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I experienced that too. Most of us have. Remember when you start playing this game, and the months roll on fast that you seemed to accumulate those crafting materials by the hundreds or thousands. Then when you have leveled enough structures and find yourself needing certain battle items for titans or maps or quests, those accumulated crafting materials easily gets used up. Only then when you start farming them you notice that they are not easy to come by, thus, the thought of their drops being nerfed. It’s a good thing @BarryWuzHere was able to come up with a farming guide to show us which maps provide the most possible drop of what crafting materials you need.

But if you really feel that they were nerfed, provide us with statistical data from a certain period and compare that to the statistical data where you noticed such nerf. I can be swayed, too, if provided with proof, not just by mere gut-feeling or your personal confirmation bias.

My exact thinking. Empire and puzzles teaming up with the company that makes farmville was a bad call for empires and puzzles I feel! No wonder its becoming a cost to everything and certain things more scarce without buying a package. I’ve seen the farmville game :joy: a cost to every part nearly. Except downloading the game.

logical, farm day in, day out for months and those rare items accumulate. The thing is, when unlocked I used them ALL the time. I was very happy to find barrywuzhere and grateful for the work and time he put in, and it was a life saver. I auto farmed daily and had no problem crafting. I take some time away from the game, come back and it’s noticeably different, which is why I came to the threads, to see if anyone else has noticed. The Game isn’t that appealing anymore to spend hours apon hours to collect data on something that won’t change, it’s shifted to buying loot tickets and farming Atlantis Rises, to buying PoV and unlocking those harvesters. I’m now a casual player and have made peace with SGs greed, making my own shift, F2P.

Thanks for taking the time in responding :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I think everybody has some materials he is short on, that’s an (sometimes) annoying part of the game. Iam good with mats for timestops

but my big problem is orchikalum for tornados.

What I really can’t understand is, that you are getting a preview of possible mats that could be found and everytime I found a level that had the orchikalum in the preview, I can be sure it will not be there when I finished the level.

Therefore, I think it should be changed to WYSIWYG, otherwise this preview should be completely removed!

Those dragon bones seem to be easier to get. I use them for events

I still think its become more scarce than use to be despite the odds the same. I am ocd disorder things abnormal usually stand out for me. I’ve been playing the game little over a year now. So having something stand out from a norm makes sense to me. Yes the odds were always not great but now n days its tougher than the whole time I have played the game.

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