Tough team met

Middle - danzaburo 2/3 - chances to damage and blind / mana up and shield up
Left - khagan - mana up + shield up
Right - ljohn - mana down…

Was a b|tch…

It’s all due to Khagan’s and Little John’s moustache power: they are the Mario and Luigi of E&P :slight_smile:


If you let those 2 slow pokes launch specials they will really fix your plumbing by getting you stuck.

You must have at least let Danza launch his special before anything else.

Clearly you’ve forgotten your place youngster!

Olaf’s perennial whiskers are classified a wonder of the digital age. He could simultaneously tickle our inner knees if he was fitting your sneakers at Footsielocker.

Looks like an easy win tbh. Nobody scary there, slow/average mana heroes - take out LJ who is the only one that poses a real threat and you’re golden.

We are all at different levels.

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Depending on your level / cup. This is easy one for people on platinum/diamond area.

The PITA team for higher level is:

Alby - zeline - guin - GM - kage

Too many super heroes.

Im extremely bored right now. Kashrek is my tank.
He is the new ultimate cheap to get tank.

Diamond class 4* tank. :rofl:

Replace Alberich for Alaise and you are right: