Toth-Amun vs Quintus

So, I have Toth-Amun and Quintus as the only purples left to level up in my roster. I’ve leveled all purple 4s and my only leveled 5 is Mok-Arr. I love Mok-Arr. He’s in my purple/green team that just doesn’t quit! Rarely loses and surprises me with wins against teams 300 and 400 team points higher.

What do I do now?

I know both T-A and Quin are considered a couple of the worst heros, but do i have a choice? Who’s the lesser of two evils?

Well, it’ll take some RNG helpfulness to get it, but there’s a costume for Quintus, and Thoth-Amun is unlikely to get a costume any time soon …

I would go on with Quintus.
He is pretty useful in fast tournaments and you may have the chance to get his costume.

But maybe I would wait to have 12 tabbards, just to be safe if someone else comes around.

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I would put Quint over Thoth before the costumes.

I ran into the costume version Quint today in a flank. He took a huge chunk out of my party.

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OK, so the consensus is Quint. That’s good.

Now I’ve got another problem. Luck of the draw … I went fishing and what do you know I pulled in Grimble! I know he’s niche, sooooo is he better than Quintus! I can see him coming in mighty handy.

Point of contention: Quint AoE 270% and slow, Grimble AoE 235% AAAAND takes care of minions and average. What a conundrum. :thinking:

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You also have to factor that Quint has 132 more attack than Grimble.

At base i would call them even. However, Quints costume pumps Quints damage to 782 (802 with it on) and as a sorcerer, much easier to give emblems to than a Cleric. That pumps him up even more.

If costumes and emblems are not a factor, pick the one you think you will enjoy more. However, if they are…Quint would be a death machine.

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