Toth amun or Quintus?


I have a lv 80 Toth. And no other dark card. I just picked up a Quintus and was wondering if he would be better for raids then Toth due to his higher damage output? Or does his slow mana and no secondary skill make him worse?

I may just take him to 70 and use only for special events and holy titans…

Any advice?


I’m not sure I would spend the items on Quintus, as he is slow, and I think your Toth is better. I have both only have Toth at Level 2 right now and Quintus at level 1. I’ve tried both only farming, and like Toth much better. How is your fully levelled Toth? Do you use him against Titans and raids?


Honestly see Quintus better only for advanced event.

But you can’t be competitive where others put Hell and Panthers.


I don’t have Thoth and quite frankly wouldn’t want him. I do have Quintus and he hits really hard at higher levels. Trouble is that he is AoE and he is a straight damage dealer, no other effects. I think you’re better with Thoth as you’ve already leveled him, and I would work on Quintus only to have a backup. In your case, I would get him to level 60 and leave him there for raid defense and assistance during challenge events.


I have both heroes. I like Thoth a lot better than Quintus. I think you have a solid plan though to bring Quintus to 3-70 for events and titan help though.


Since you have a level 80 thoth I may hold off. If we were starting from scratch I’d choose quintus for his tile damage and because of my priorities (titans/events).


I do use Toth in raids and titans however I swap him out often in raids for caedmon due to his removing buffs. However if I’m fighting someone with little to know buffs his tile damage is high and he is crazy tanky!

For titans I usually use

Bold tusk or kiril
Wu kong
Then what ever color double damage against titan. (Joon, Toth or Marjana)