Toth amun lv 80

Toth is my only 5 star dark and I’m starting to feel like I should not have wasted my materials on him to get him to 80.
He hits very weak and is no good on titans I use him in raids because I have no one else.
I feel like he makes a great meat shield on defence and is good on special events but my favourite part of the game is raid offence then titans next and I’m not impressed.

Anyone think he will get a buff?
Should I roll a few 10X next all dark legendary and hope to start over with someone else?
I grinded a lot and spent a lot to get him up I only have him and Joon going to 80 and am far off with my other colors my next closest will be my marjana
She is maxed at 70 as well as my Alberich…

He probably needs a buff to be viable outside of defense, that said I don’t think SG is going to do so for all that his mechanic is a DPS loss on titans (and that’s terrible imo).

There’s no problem with a purely defensive hero (see Guinevere / Khagan / Justice / et al.), just have to realize he’s not general purpose in the way that say Musashi is.


I agree, do you think he is viable on raid offence once he is maxed out?Capture _2018-01-13-21-10-05

Isn’t bad in terms of tile damage, his special is a little lackluster (not much damage to 3 targets on attack is way less useful than medium or big damage to a single target when attacking) but he’s certainly servicable and 80 stats are important when we’re talking high trophy raiding.

Ultimately the longer your team survives the more chances you get to turn the fight in your favor so he’s not a bad pick even attacking where you aren’t limited in the time domain like you are on titans (or at least not really, 10 minutes is a really long time in a raid).

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Thanks that’s good to know ill roll for 10X dark next time and see what I get. Ill keep you posted :slight_smile:

If you already ‘wasted’ your tabards on him and don’t have many others, upgrade your other colors now.

You can do purple summon after.

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I agree with your statement however my other 5 stars are maxed at 70 already… I have beem uping my grimm and kilile to max …

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