Totally average Brogan

This totally average brogan is doing my head in… Sigh… How many Gandalfs or Aifes should I feed to raise his special skill level… =_=

All for a two star tourney…


I got all mine to 8/8. Do it dude!

Get some of that occasionally juicy 1% loot

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Feed him 1 brogan for a 100% chance of special increase…


I will when one comes along, but for the time being I fed him Gandalf, two Aifes and Prisca… What a waste but the 75% worked lol

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Getting rid of Prisca is no waste - it’s avoiding waste of precious space :smiley:


Just give him some Needlers and it will be good lol

I did use the 5x 1* or 2* from the good color to level my 2*. It worked pretty well unless 1 or 2 who finished at 7/8 :wink:
But with 5x 2* from the right color, you’ll get 100% chances :crossed_fingers:


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