Total war teams score is over 1500

The sum of all the teams points in my alliance for the actual war is 1523.
I knew that the total should be 1500. Anyone knows if there is an explanation for this?

Thank you all

There will sometimes be rounding when the war hits commence. However, its still in the preparation stage for war atm. :thinking:

Yep, ours is 1527.
It’s only the preparation stage now, so maybe this will even out once the war starts.

Did any of your defense teams level up after matchmaking? I think this can impact the available score.

I actually like to do that on purpose when I can… wait until after matchmaking has concluded, then add a bunch of emblems to my defense team. :laughing:

Hey, don’t hate! It’s rare that I have enough emblems to pull it off anyway. I’m mostly stuck at my level for now.

I do encourage my lower level members to speed level their defense teams before the war commences though, if they’re able to. Love it when one of them is able to field a 3700 TP defense instead of the 3600 they started with. Probably doesn’t make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the war, and I’m sure it gives the opponents more points for killing them, but I still encourage any little tweak that might make the war slightly harder on my opponents. ‘All is fair in love and war’ after all, yes?


Sure, because then your opponent can gain more points from your alliance, so it sounds like an disadvantage to your alliance :roll_eyes:

Also means it’s harder for them to take us out. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

I’m not worried about them getting 1525 instead of 1500 for a full clear. I prefer to make it harder for them to get the full clear in the first place.

Sure beats the opposite, alliances putting up weak teams on purpose thinking they’ll give away fewer points that way, because that does not work.


I can’t recall the total team score ever being exactly 1500 in any wars I’ve been involved in. There is always round-up involved, and each individual team has two components so two chances for round-up. The only time I’ve seen 1500 is on forums with one-man alliances.

Closest I recall to 1500 personally was 1506.

Our last war, we scored I believe 1523 on one reset. I don’t think that was a case of rounding. I think they had leveled up some of their teams during war prep.

Leveling should adjust the scores of all the teams so that the leveled-up team is worth more and the others are worth less. I have seen it as high as 1526 to start the war,

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Only problem with that is that war matchmaking is decided based on the power of both teams going in to the fight. If one team levels up significantly after the fact, say they were hoarding feeders or something, it could alter the balance of the war.

Obviously this has very little (if any) impact in a war where both teams have max level defenses. Highly unlikely that one side is going to be able to add dozens of emblems to all of their defense teams or suddenly max out their 4* troops overnight.

But for a smaller / mixed alliance like mine? If I have a lower level player in my alliance with a bunch of level 60+ 4* heroes on his or her defense team, and they’re able to bring them up to 70 and slap 5 emblems on each during the preparation phase… the matchmaking process was probably not anticipating that. And that can absolutely make the difference between an opponent being able to one shot them vs. having to use 2 flags to take them out. That alone can change the entire outcome of a tight war.

This is true, but an alliance can only do that once. Next war their heroes are already maxed. And I think it would take more than one or two doing that in a larger alliance to make a significant difference.

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Yep, of course. But at least that team will be better set for the next war too (and now they can devote their resources to leveling up their backup war flags).

My alliance usually only has about 10-12 players (give or take) opting into wars anyway, so every team and every flag matters for us.

Don’t know that, but if the sum has to be 1500, what matter if anyone did?

I’m waiting for the other team to show their points to see if the match pair or not

The base sum is 1500. But the actual sum is almost always higher than 1500, in my experience. Not by a huge margin, usually only 5-25 point difference. Rounding accounts for part of that, but I think there are probably other factors.

Actually, the points gained from one complete reset are not necessarily the sum of the individual points for all opponents. This might only be true, when all opponents are one-shotted, else there is additional rounding involved. Usually, an opponent worth 100 points gives a sum of 101 when two attacks are needed to defeat it.

Nevertheless, I don’t see any noteworthy advantages/disadvantages whether its 1500 even or 1510 points. :wink:

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Backed up by actual calculation of data:

Most people who respond on the forum just simply state an alliance is worth 1500 points in war. It’s the starting point but doesn’t account for rounding up. The points total is technically 1000 plus 500, both can be rounded up depending on the individual teams on the field.

I’ve had wars where one alliance is worth 1532, I believe. In most cases, one alliance will have a technical points advantage over the other.

I’m not sure what my score will end up being🤔

9,000 would be nice. :+1:

Last war, my team got 1520 points for resetting the opponent.

Was only a 12 v. 12 war, so I think there was more than just rounding involved.

My last war (2 vs 2) i won by 2 points.
2. Points.
No need to say we scored pretty much the same, it was just a matter of discalculation.

I won so i benefit from that, but i really feel for them and can’t really blame if they were really pissed.

Now that’s something that need a fix.


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