Total team point value in Alliance War Discrepancy

So we are in a 3vs 3 war this weekend. Me and another player in our alliance both did 3 one shots to start things off ( yeah, we’ve got mad skillzz :crazy_face::lying_face:) one of our opponents also got 3 one shots straight away Vs us.

In all cases the attacks were against different players no double kills on one. However we both got 1504 points for our attacks and they only got 1502.

As it was all single hits it’s not due to rounding from cleans etc. I know it’s only a 2point diff but in a close war could be important.

Here’s an explanation by @Guvnor of how it’s possible.

But should it happen? Ideally not.


See I’m not sure that is the reason in this case. It explains why the total for a full board is over 1500 which is fine, but the error here is that their full board is worth 1504 points whereas ours is only worth 1502?

It’s a weird one that I’ve not seen before, there have been plenty times I’ve seen a board be worth just over 1500, but never one team worth more than another.

Rounding error.

One team’s points for a clean kill were likely:
500; 501; 501.

While the other team’s:
500, 500, 501.

Or something to that effect. Basically one team had two round-ups, while the other team only had one.

Probably cos there was two of you and one opponent, = double1 points difference

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