Total Hero composition in War Score Totals

I just had an idea and wanted to know what the real composition of War scores based on heroes and troops.
The questions are, how many heroes is the cap? Is this the thirty heroes based from six possible flags? Does it include the entire Roster of every member participating? Will adding feeders like trainer heroes as well as any other feeder from any training camp cause the calculations to increase etc.? Will pulls from the events cause the increase as well as decrease from feeding?

There are sooo many threads on this topic, here’s one that is worth a read.

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30 best from each alliance member opted in for war when match making starts. In this case “best” means highest TP, despite actual utility.

That has been my assumption.


Only if these have a higher TP rating than 30 existing. Feeding those trainer or other feeder to the existing 30 highest would raise your war score, but in most cases is you have a lot of members in your alliance it wouldn’t be any large impact as a % of total.

Same answer as above. If you are very far along at all, a pull will have no effect on war score.


Thank you very much for your quick replies.

Since the question is answered and there are other links for continued discussion, I will close this thread.


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