Total cost to immediately max sh25, ha and rapidly retrain?

Give me about 100k gems and I’ll record that.


Wait is this an actual for real serious question?

Sorry no ideas here…

Someone mentioned the cost of Speeding up SH25 but can’t remember the figure; didn’t include HA speedup costs tho…

Can probably make some estimates the but the short answer is probably going to be “No…”

Not by the time you factor in it takes 96 days to have a >50% chance of getting ANY non-S1 hero from HA10… Let alone a specific one.

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6330 gems for sh25 at 12d8h remaining. No idea on HA skips but roughly 56 days total so using same ratio rougly 28.7k gems to skip HA to 10. So 35,000 gems approximately. No idea on research skips factor in a couple more thousand probably for just level 10.

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6490 that my teammate payed for the stronghold.

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Not-worth-your-money-amount-of-gems is the latest estimation I believe.


I know I’m not answering the question but:


0.2% odds of Panther per summons, unlimited summons all at once

300 summons gives about 45% chance of getting Panther. That is 78,000 gems, a huge amount.

HA Level 10:

49 heroes available; 5% appearance rate = 0.1% chance of getting Panther

Even if you spend the $$$ to speed it up, you are limited by recruits etc.

People sped up Alchemy lab and spent well over 100,000 gems doing it with training all the levels. If you only train level 10 of HA it may cost 35,000 gems just to do that as someone posted earlier.

If you do 500 HA 10 trainings you have a bit lower than 40% chance of getting Panther. Let’s say you are lucky and that does happen. We don’t know gem costs but I’ll bet it is at least 2,000 per speed up. That comes out to 1,000,000 gems plus spending a lot of other resources just to do that.

Your total estimated cost is 1,035,000 gems, an astronomical amount and over 13x as much as Teltoc with less chance of getting what you want. Not only that, you will spend all your recruits and food doing it, unless you want to buy those too.

Even if money is no object, you could use those 1,035,000 gems to buy almost every hero in the game…

You could say you won’t spend any gems after the initial investment, then it would take on average almost a decade to get Panther…and your original post doesn’t seem like you have that much patience!


Ok ok. So call it 6500 gems to skip just SH 25. That’s 21 gems per hour. IF hero academy follows the same structure, that’s 1345 hours to skip @21 gems per hour is 28245 gems plus the 6500 for the stronghold, is just about 35,000 gems. Or about $350. For a 0.1% chance to get a specific non s1 legendary. Again that is IF that 6500 is correct and IF the HA follows that same path. You would have to be either insane or insanely rich to want to do that.


Oh my god DON’T do it.


well I dont personally plan on doing it, not sure I could even if I wanted to lol

I suspect there are probably a few hundred people who have done this already though. Maybe a couple of them are on the forum.

Mostly just curious on if this is a lower cost option for Panther, GM, etc. or not.

I doubt that anybody did it. There’s no goal. Academy is worthless like every other new building.

That’s the reason of all those long-term players quitting, too. SGG is too far away from their customers.


dude definitely there is a contingency of players that do this. hence the really long waits and high gem sticker prices.

Ok so rough estimates here:


  • Used 20 gems per hour for building & research skip times (seems roughly what it is for my current buildings)
  • 25 gems per hour for skipping the HA10 re-training time (same as Training Camp)
  • 4,420 gems for a full Iron Refill (based on my current max of 2707k Iron)
  • 5,100 gems for a full Food Refill (based on my current max of 3134k Food)

Total Gem Skips for Building:
Building SH25 = 6,490
Building HA 1->10 = 26,901
Researching HA10 = 6,720
Total = 40,111 gems

Total Gem Skips for Iron Resources:
SH25 = 0 (assume they had this one ready)
HA 1->10 = 44,200
Total = 44,200 gems

Food Costs
Research Cost = 0 (assume they had this one ready too)
HA10 Cost = 5,100 gems per 2 attempts

Skip Costs
Cost to Skip HA10 = 4,200 per attempt

No. of Attempts needed:
Based on 5% chance to get ANY non-S1 5* hero; the odds of getting Gravemaker or Panther specifically is 0.1%.

Cumulative Probability Maths:
25% chance of specific hero = 287 Attempts = 1,937,250 gems
50% chance of specific hero = 693 Attempts = 4,677,750 gems
75% chance of specific hero = 1386 Attempts = 9,355,500 gems
99% chance of specific hero = 4603 Attempts = 31,070,250 gems

Total Gems working off a 50% chance = 4,677,750 + 44,200 + 40,111 = 4,762,061 gems = $47,615.85 USD

Compare that to 50% odds of just summoning G. Panther from Event Summon = 347 Summons = 910,00 gems = $899.91 USD

Or a 50% odds of summoning Gravemaker from Legends Portal = 1,333 Summons = 358,000 gems = $3,579.65 USD

So Short Answer = NO


whoah. that was awesome.

talk a topic being guvnored.

wow so… ha definitely is not a cheaper path to panther with or without skipping the waits.

really makes you wonder, why bother with this?

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Nothing is cheap. We go back to where this game began: GRINDING. Once my builder is free, I am going for SH25, then HA to 10. Then research. Then train or retrain or whatever. We have been doing this for months or years. This time, just a new structure with an opportunity to be get new heroes (however slim it may be but it is still better than feeding them or letting them sit by idly) and troops. Another grind. So what’s new? If other players don’t like it, then they should quit. If people still have the stomach for it, then grind. Not too difficult of a choice, is it?



it’s not coming full circle. Back in the day, pre- season 2 and new event challenge heroes, a lot of the TC20 heroes were legit. Maybe not amazing but legit and also comparable to the hotm. Remember the moose?

I dont actually expect sg to make the game more free at the 5* level, they’ve done an awesome job instead making the 3* and 4* heroes more useful. Which in turn makes free playing more fun.

I did think that perhaps HA would make some of the heroes cheaper, I didnt realize it would be the exact opposite lol :rofl:

Back then, we were content with S1 heroes. But the game has to evolve otherwise each player has 3-5 same S1 legendary heroes maxed, or the same HOTM dupes maxed. That would be totally ■■■■■■ as we are seeing the same heroes over and over in wars and raids. And people en masse would be fed up and look for other greener pastures. With Season 2 and the recurring special and seasonal events, new heroes need to be a bit better than S1 heroes in order for SG to keep money flowing in their favor.

Expensive ONLY IF YOU BUY THE BUILDING SKIPPING AND RESEARCH. Otherwise, it is just any E&P structures, but with new purpose. Otherwise, it is as if one is newish to the game only needing to erect a new structure and max it, doing research on its functions.

someone might have done part of it

look at guv’s math, it’s expensive if you skip the wait times for exchanging the heroes. If you dont skip the wait times though, you could pretty much wait forever and not get panther or gravemaker…

Yeah. But at least you have that option, that chance, that opportunity of getting those heroes than wait every 5 months or so just to get Panther (oh, by the way, I love my Guardian Panther). I already have one maxed Gravemaker obtained last year from Atlantis and got a second GM on the first ToL from a single x10 pull. Only used 2 free pulls this second ToL from the coins obtained from the quest. We have seen or witnessed players struck their luck even as F2P or VC2P or C2P. Maybe it will come. Who knows? What I do know is that chance, that opportunity, would not come to those who do not even attempt of doing it. It’s like someone complaining not getting premiere heroes but when asked whether they summon, they answer in the negative. People saying “I want to become an NBA player” but does not play ball is BS. This oh so applies. The chances are high not getting Panther to those players who do not make HA than to those who has HA and currently retraining a dupe legendary hero. Again, RNG.

What I am looking forward to is to complete my winged 5 star heroines: I have already Athena maxed and wanting Zeline (have 13 tonics ready) and Hel (13 tabards ready). I also fancy Zim (fast cleanse). The rest of the past HOTMs are either already owned or ignored.

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