Torneio semanal

Good morning. Guys I set up a defense team for the tournament. And when the tournament started on Monday, my custody team was different. The game chose an attack hero, two defenses that do not fit for this type of tournament, a counterattack and a reinforcement. This page has been removed by the author.

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@FernandoQuinta I have seen 1 more person complain about this but cannot find the thread.
Did you have put in 5 hero’s as your defence?

Good Morning. I selected a defense team for the tournament, and when the tournament started, my team had different heroes. Why is this happening?

Here it was reported by another player

So it as not just happened to me then. It is not much of a comfort to me though… They put a healer in my team and he is no good what so ever as he doesn’t do anything but heal. … so why put a healer in I ask ???

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