Tornado usage

Will be crafting tornadoes soon, and wondered about how they work. When it rearranges tiles, are the tiles all the same, or do colors change, too?

When you use a Tornado, it scrambles the board, just as if you had run out of possible matches. The tiles do not change color, just location. If this makes any matches, they go off immediately. Then you get +40% mana to all heroes. At that point, it is still your turn. You can use more battle items or hero specials just like normal, then make a match on the board.

I find Tornadoes most useful at the beginning of a titan fight. It charges the mana of all my heroes as well as possibly giving me a bunch of hits on the titan. I could see using them on advanced challenges and rare quests, if you need the mana boost or have a really badly arranged board.

Thanks, Giljs.

It was the board which I needed to understand. Had hoped it would all changeā€¦ah well.