Tornado change?

When, and why did they drop the tornado Mana gain from 60% down to 40%?? I’m assuming it happened in the recent update but I just noticed the mechanics today. Not a fan.

When was it 60% ??
As i remember it is 40 a loong time… :thinking:

Edit: searched for tornado on forum…on january 2018 it was 40%


Here’s a screenshot of a Tornado from a year ago, showing 40%:


Guess I’m just drunk. I mean I haven’t been drinking, so perhaps dumb is a better explanation.


I think that for a short time in 2017, tornadoes provided 50 or 60% mana gain. But that is, clearly, long gone

They nerfed tornadoes! Let’s get em!

Been a very long time since we had better nados

Either way they’re pretty unnecessary anyways

But here’s some info:

They’re unnecessary…for you. I use them every single titan hit / when fighting final battles on events. On events I use this tactic (on bosses): fire Wibur / Proteus / Wu Kong then use the diamond(s), if any, to do as much damage as possible and when / if no more diamonds are left, I use tornados to shuffle the puzzle. Sometimes one tornado means 1000 to 2000 damage to each boss, which is way more effective than any battle item. :smiley:

To each their own


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