🏰 Torben – 5* Fire / Red from Clash of Knights

I have all those with the exception of Ignazio and if I had him, HE would be the one to level in my humble opinion. I play 3/2 in war so my weak 2 is the opposite of whatever flank I am facing. I try to always take a healer and I would love to have another red healer …my reasoning…my two cents


Cheers pal. Appreciate the feedback.

I agree with Ray, don’t underestimate Ignazio as not many red cleansers out there and he’s extremely useful - I bring him to almost every raid (over Hathor as I often find cleanse more useful than ailment protection, with exception to facing mindless attack). I love variety so if it were me I’d do Ignazio > Torben > 2nd Brimstone. Also heroes like Torben and Quintin can actually work at 3/70 in the interim until you have enough 4* mats to take them further.


if you have carmenta maxed torben would be choice nr 1 for every other red project
this combination is super strong
would have never even thought about maxing carmenta but paired up with torben she became part of priority max team

if not then yes ignazio indeed


Thanks for sharing the video, I appreciate it @Wiamz31EP . Curious why you fire C Marj first every time. Wouldn’t you want to fire Torben and then finish off the hero with C Marj’s damage to 3 other heroes? That’s how I utilize Quintin - usually Quintin to one and then Alasie to 3 others will finish off Quintin’s target.


Thx K & B !! Really appreciate your valued opinions guys.

Now he’s been out a week or so & he features in a few top 100 raid defence teams, has anyone changed their mind about him? Not a lot of luv for him initially, curious if that’s changed now players have maybe faced him a few times or have been using him recently. Appreciate your thoughts & opinions as always guys.

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In case anyone wants to see the hero as tank:


Torben in lvl 80 working with carmenta lb1 for those who might be interrsted


Torben going to work


Fully emblemed Atk-Def Level 80 version

Just in time for the Magic Tower. There’ll be lots of echoing in the tower with him and Quintin :sweat_smile:


Keep going! He is awesome


Got this hero.
what I am talking about:
-by using Hippo before Torben Hippo will deal 987% DAMAGE!!!
-by using Gestalt u can get about 1410% DAMAGE!!!
-by using Roz after Torben u can get 1900% DAMAGE!!!

He only kills one hero. Which means that it doesn’t really matter how much damage he deals.
You get one dead hero, just like if Sha or Persa or many other snipers fires.
He is not much of a problem on defense, but he has some very nice utilities in offense

in deffence it get killed by simple Kitty :slight_smile:

after fully Leveling Torben, I don’t functionally find him any better or worse than Quintin and a most newer “6*” class heroes are better in most respects. He essentially does 500-650% damage to the target, and 200% to nearby. The effects on the target hardly matter as it’s usually that turn or one more until it’s out with the damage mirroring. But as mentioned above, a lot of fast snipers can now do 500-600% damage to one target. The 200% damage to nearby is pretty poor.

I think -44% defense down should apply to target and nearby to give some synergy to future attacks.

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The thing is you have to pair him with fast hot reds and he will do everything that is need I take down meta team all day

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I would think he would pair well with Carmenta on a red stack

Believing that his damage is relatively low, he requires additional assistance to eliminate the most frightening hero on the opposing team effortlessly. But yea a red stack is perfect for him

I meant more because Carmenta hitting the same target as Torben would move the shared damage ailment to the nearby enemies of the target as well so all three then share the damage. That’s how I use Carmenta with Quinton and it works beautifully.

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