Подбор противника для войны Альянсов шшш


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Hello! To begin with, as I adore this game, it is wonderful, but I will return to why I decided to grow my opinion. Topic: selection of the enemy for the war … As I understand it correctly, the game selects the opponent by the count of the war, in turn, formed out of several meanings. And the most important is the strongest hero and the strongest detachment of each member of the Alliance … But the most interesting thing here … Suppose a player plays a year, and he has not lost a single hero 5 *. Accordingly, he pumps, for example, Grimm … And a new player, plays 1-2 months, he himself the beginning of the same Grimm fell out, and he, too, pumps it through to the end …And a new player, playing for 1-2 months, from the very beginning the same Grimm fell out, and he also pumps him to the end … As far as I understand, when selecting an opponent for the war of the Alliances, the game classifies these two players as equals, because that the game takes into account their strongest hero and squad … But as participants in the war of the Alliances, they are completely different players, because the player who plays the year has many pumped heroes for the war, and the yoke, who plays the month, he even The main defense team is unplugged … I am limited by my translator, but I adeyus you understand my mysl…Esli I have correctly understood the essence of the opponent selection, then it is completely unfair …


Рассматривается не один герой, а 30 самых сильных героев.


Откуда такие догадки? Мы не можем знать точно какие параметры учитывает алгоритм подбора противника, вполне возможно что система учитывает всех героев в сете игроков. Из всех битв, в которых я принимал участие могу сказать, что подбор работает отлично и никогда не было такого, чтобы противник суммарно был намного слабее или сильнее моего альянса


Because the game picks up the enemy on account of the war, and the account of the war is based mainly on the strongest hero and detachment of each member of the Alliance …



Here’s the relevant link explaining how Alliance war scoring works:


Значит,я ошибался!Спасибо,вы мне помогли