Нет кристаллов после оплаты

Нет кристаллов после оплаты

Согласно правилам Гугл покупка проходит сутки. Так что есть три варианта:

  1. Подождать
  2. Создать кейс в игре: опции–>поддержка–>поддержка.
  3. Сделать возврат в Гугле

@Petri, it’s rather strange that you don’t need to speak English to buy crystals and you need to speak English for asking help.

As per our forum rules, our community forum is mainly English-only, all non-English posts should be posted under this category (Foreign Languages).

Mainly English language is allowed. We do not officially support any other languages on this forum. You can write in a foreign language in the [Foreign Languages] category (https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/c/foreign-languages 112). Some of our active members help out on translations there, from time to time. Please note, that foreign language support is not guaranteed.

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