Ошибка навыка Сиф? Или это так работает

Почему после ульты Сиф она получила больше урона а а атакующий меньше? Ведь ее навык даёт ей отражать 100% урона и -50% получать.

Please translate to English so we can try to help you

Why did she get more damage after the Seth ultimate and less attacking? After all, her skill allows her to reflect 100% damage and receive -50%.

This still makes no sense to me.

Why Sif receives more damage than attacker when using her skill? She reflects 100% and receives -50%.

Hope that helps, I don’t have Sif so can’t answer myself.

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hope i understood the question good from the translation

the reflect occur before the reduce damage
that is why you get 100% damage reflected and -50% damage to Sif

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