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Excellent guide. Perhaps worth noting that one variety of 4* troops also buffs critical hits.

An eye-opening part of your guide was the linkage between the guardians and the big one-shot heroes. This makes me more confirmed to do more summons this event to get the Jackal to complement my Joon!

It may go without saying in a Titan guide, but it’s probably worth noting that dropping 3 gems on the titan’s weak spot stuns it. There’s no more effective way of avoiding damage to your team! I also always have antidotes going into a Titan fight if it has any debuff; removing these is essential to a successful attack.


Thanks for your kind suggestions.

I’ll add the troops feedback into the guide in few hours. Give me some time :smiley:
Also included antidotes in the items to bring section :slight_smile:

I’ did write another guide on the mechanics of titan matches, including using 3 gems on the titan weak spot to stun the titan & the bringing of antidotes based on the titan skill, earlier.

Let me add it to the original post. Thanks!


Nice write up! Always nice to see people contribute to the community :slight_smile:

You’ve left a few very nice consumables out of the guide: Dragon Banners, Tornados and Time Stops. They are fun to play around with!


Random notes:

The rationale for bear / turtle banner is to overwrite the titan debuffs: gorgon / kraken respectively; dragon banner can of course be used in place of either of them. On Onyx (purple without any status effect) bear or dragon is used to increase damage right off the top… isn’t simply irrelevant even when running Ares / BT / Kiril.

Axe or Bomb are critical / near mandatory against high level titans and should be added to your item list for their attack debuff.

Otherwise a pretty respectable guide for team building other than I don’t see Brienne being much use on any progression titan (one that whacks you in 2 hits per toon): BT is vastly better for that which argues for changing up that list somewhat.


Thanks for the kind suggestions. @Revelate
I’ve included axe/bomb into the items to bring list; also changed the explanation for bear banners.

@Fledoble - Thanks for your kind words. For items like dragon banners, tornados and time stops, they are too expensive to bring for every titan match. I am actually looking more towards suggesting items that can be used quite commonly for most titan matches.


Haha, there comes a point where minor mana pots are as rare and valuable as Tornados :slight_smile:

But you are right, Tornados shouldnt be spammed. Bringing them does allow you to get our of a few tricky “crap there are no combos!”-situations.


Good guide.
I will add that you have to spam your specials all togheter and in the right sequence.

-Normal buff first
-Defence debuffs 2nd and 3rd
-Wu kong buff 4th (to avoid missing the previous specials)
-eventually random hero last

Use it right before you see a good chance of combos, or many strong gems on the board.


Very insightful comments @elpis

I’ve taken skill sequencing for granted and didn’t think of adding it in.

Now I’ve included your comments into the guide :slight_smile: Thanks for the insights.


I loved the guide! Only thing I thought to add was Valen is a better 3* option for defense debuffer than Ulmer.


I would speculate that Ulmer is used because of his insanely high attack power for a 3*, so more tile damage (which is where the majority of damage comes from). Valen has the fast mana strike but just bring a few 25% mana potions if Ulmer doesn’t refire quick enough for you.


Thanks @2spookd

I did miss Valen. My mind has always been on Ulmer because his defense debuff is a team based defense debuff which is useful on raids, map, events, titans etc while valen defense debuff is single target and considered more useful on titan only. Hence, I did forget about him.

Let me add Valen in :slight_smile: Thank you!


Has the guide been moved? Do you want me to post a link and close this thread?