Topic category for common requests

In the optional tags area of the new category give a list of commonly requested topics. Any time I see any idea the last comment is merged with… or closed

I’m not sure I understand your idea.

  1. Adding tags would still require merging, because it wouldn’t stop there being a duplicate thread.

  2. Anyone who bothered to search the tags could have just searched for an existing thread to begin with.

Can you say a little more about how you imagine this would prevent people from creating duplicate threads due to not searching first?

As a side note, this thread exists, and supposedly will be updated by Staff soon: Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

Ok instead of the tags. If say the word trade or chat is in the title of the idea have a list window pop up of suggested existing topics. 90% of the ideas thread is merged to 10 or 11 existing topics. Once someone completes their idea it just automatically gets put in the existing topics comments instead of a huge list of the same things. I’ve made a few idea requests after going through the list and not seeing an existing thread. Than I get a comment that makes me feel stupid followed by merged or closed

Are you using the search function first? Always best to try a quick forum Search for similar ideas you can contribute to.

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This exists, although it only shows prominently on larger screens, not mobile phones, unfortunately.

Interesting idea. I don’t think there’s a way in Discourse for that to happen, but I can see where it could be useful if set up well.

These are interesting suggestions, but they’re about the Forum software itself — which SG doesn’t make.

Really you want to be suggesting these to the makers of Discourse, the Forum software.

They have a Forum of their own where you can submit ideas. It’ll look familiar, since it’s the same software.

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