🏯 Topaz - 5* Holy / Yellow from Ninja Tower

That’s awesome. Did a season 4 - 30 pull last month. Got exeera, Zenobia, xnolphod, lianna (crazy just cause of the odds) and viscaro (I have 13 lol). So mine was cool, yours is awesome too. Congrats, it’s those pulls that really get you excited.

I always pull in the morning by the way, as soon as the portal opens. Could be superstition but I have had my best luck pulling when the portal opens.

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Hey Patrick, thanks for the request. She was going to be 2nd, but I prioritised her for you, hopefully it’s OK!



Amazing. Thank you! Very appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Good review. One thing to add to it is that the upcoming War of the 3 Kingdoms heroes all rely on minions and fiends. So the game is about to get a bunch of new heroes for Topaz to be effective against.


Nice review.
Is there a reason Grimble was left out of comparison?

I’m happy I pulled Peridot early so I don’t have to do any more pulls. I got Ruby last go around. I also have Eloise all leveled and emblemed up. That’s the closest comparison to Topaz, I think. Eloise removes all minions and hits all at average speed which is faster than it takes Topaz to do the same thing, so I’m not in need of a hero like this.

On another note mentioned here, I didn’t even know the boss of Season 4 had minions. I guess Ruby kept him from firing so I never even saw any minions, so there was no need for a minion remover to beat him.

Damn she works well with grimble (she is at around 3/30 here). Super versatile


Does anyone have her limit broken yet? I’m trying to decide if I should ascend her or another holy first. Her lower defense is her balance I suppose for the power. I’m trying to decide defense/health or attack on the talent grid and trying to determine how much the limit break would increase the defense. Any help would be appreciated,

There ya go…she is magnificent…


Yup…:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: 20 characters

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Lb all attack


Wow, well that convinced me who to ascend next lll. Thank you!

Is she worth it to ascend if u use her against teams without minions my gues yes. Want to hear your thoughts about it

Even if you’re not against minion teams, Topaz can still dish out the damage

I got her in the last ninja portal and I am not sure if is she should get the darts.
I am picking between her and Malosi. Any advice?

Other yellows I have leveled are: Eloise(LB), Motega, Lidenbrock, Sif and Joon

No contest malosi is nice. Topaz is amazing

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Remember, topaz gives mana to your team for every removed minion. That alone is enough for me to level her. Look at her damage, it’s extremely high. Given the current meta, topaz is necessary in your roster. I wouldn’t think twice about giving her darts. I have her and I use her A LOT!

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I was about to lb Eloise, but also got Topaz last ninja portal, so gonna do Topaz instead. Powerful AND fun hero!