Top War Teams (Highest Win Rate)

For sure, I’ve had 3-4 4* mats since 14* came back. That’s with most of the time being A grade, A+ has been a joke for me.

Of course not, we are only 3 members, with no Miki, Tarlak, Ranvir or plenty of special heroes. We finish a 4* titan just before the 5th war. When the war is over, also the blue rare Unicorn spawns. Anyway, these titans drops rare unfarmable AM almost all the time. Just finished a 4* few minutes ago and got compass (21th sitting in the inventory). Unfortunately, the titan chest gave me rings (24th since I play). I need a D blade for Kingston, not rings or whatever. If I won’t get it Sunday at warchest, at least I know the next rare quest provides me one.

P.S. I reset the alliance mostly because of titans, not for the opponents. We are matched with 4200+ at least, no matter what. But we like our titan system. For a 3 members alliance, we let a single titan escape (the first 4*). So we do a lots of titans (therefore items and chests) and a rare one at every 2 and a half weeks.


@Zombies do you have an update on this? Thanks in advance!!


Sir. Have a top to bottom War Score Sheet of Top ~30. Issue is over the next 45 days we are all B lining to “20 Penalties” until we stack back into our peeking order.

All organized teams in game will win 2, lose 1 sort of record. If they win 3-4 in a row they will get a match up like below.

KOB4 is ~5% smaller the CP (Max War score).

KOB4 is the 2nd most winning War team in the game for 60 days behind CP. KOB4 caught CP on ladder because of this and got murdered. KOB4 in alliance “worth” is around Top ~40 in game. They are a War Centric team, solid strat and great Skill Cap so perform excellent. (*I don’t know a single KOB4 player. Not recruiting for them lol. Just saying it as it is).

3 Days old/will update tonight & post war.


^^ These 7. Are worth about ~5% less.


(Updated) Climb to War Score Ceiling! Back to tracking by wins at War Cap (War Win %) once CP hits the roof.

Updated War Penality Write up:

@Kob4. Zombies love you. Caught CP on ladder by crushing unorganized “big” Top 25 Teams. Got wrecked but ■■■■ i am a fan Lady’s/Gents.


Refreshed for Jan. No one at War Roof yet but CP should be close.


War cap has been reached. Seems to be around 135k.


He’s on vacation, and i haven’t been keeping track last few weeks but yea if a team won and their score didnt go up, they hit cap

Which means they were at 10 penalties when cap was raised and have won at least 10 wars since then

Cp was safest bet to be the first to reach it
7DD wasn’t far behind
Aggressive would have been ahead of 7DD if Aggressive wasn’t war dropping to avoid 30/30 wars

That was status last i tracked though

Yep. We’ve hit war cap at 135k since last war and CP has hit it after today’s war as well. So we’re both at 135k-ish now. :slight_smile:


Grats! And thanks for the info, it’ll make it easier to get up to date when i do start tracking again

20 penalties is pretty solid achievement


Hi, do you remember exactly from which war (date) the penalty was changed to +/- 20, instead of +/-10? I am interested to find my alliance’s current war penalty from my tracked data. :slight_smile:


November 29, 2019


Thank you so much. Damn, that currently puts us at a war penalty of +20, no wonder we keep facing such strong teams. :thinking:


Now you have to go back to the thread they linked you here from and figure out how they are chain winning at > 20 Penality’s < sir.


Somebody has to win, and the top two alliances don’t keep facing each other every war.

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Not true, there are also draws. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OK… a few have asked so will share THIS ONE TIME :wink: as it takes a huge amount of manual effort… and tbh I do it for my alliance. Y’all can do it too… (Maybe you are… we can compare notes!)

(Please vote for alliance rankings by war score so I can stop…)
👑 Alliance War leaderboard


  • I track any alliance that has hit the top 100 that has a war score over 124K full (30 members). I say this because I don’t want to hear “our score is over 124K…how come we’re not on your list??” We all know board is dynamic so if you’re not chaining 14* titans, I just might not see you! Right now I’m tracking 131 alliances so there has to be a cutoff somewhere.

  • If an alliance is below 30 for 5 wars or they haven’t maintained 124K score over last 5 wars, they come off my list until they are full or hit 124K again.

  • I try to catch an alliance score when they are full regardless of whether they actually warred full. Not really the purpose…

  • The purpose for my alliance is to be able to predict with whom we might get matched, track alliance war history to see what penalty our opponent may be at, who may be “war blocked” from each other (if we are hovering around #10 for the week, this comes into play), etc.

Here are top 39 alliances by last 5 war average scores:

Here are top 39 alliances by “War Cap”… for this purpose, the alliances CAP is the highest score they have achieved. May not be their actual CAP score as that cannot be validated until they have actually WON at CAP and their score doesn’t change. Highlighted in BLUE are teams that have won at CAP so validated CAP score…

Again… this is EXTREMELY manual so will not be perfect! For example, if an alliance wins but has someone “opt out” for the next war, it looks like a loss based on the drop in score and I usually can’t tell until the next war when their score jumps suddenly. But obviously will still factor in last 5 war average.

GhostChili - CoLead @ Crew-Saders :ghost:
@Zombies @Rigs @Math4lyfe @SADERSpanda


Always enjoy your work @ChelleATC

Hope others enjoy it as well

@mhalttu if players can manually do this, surely you guys could implement something into the game that automatically does this, i know it’s a tall order but we still have hope :crossed_fingers:


Oh… and just to make sure I stay on topic @Zombies, here are alliances ranked by # of CAP wins since after hitting ceiling again…

CAP Wins 6-8

(7DD… didn’t count your tie with Aggressive… wasn’t a win… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Aquaginera_7DD)


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