Top Underrated Legendary Heroes of E&P

Who are the top underrated 5-star heroes in Empires & Puzzles? Here’s my list…

Who are your top 5?


Inari. Very under rated on offence.


That’s a great video :grin:

I say Domeesha

And kicked off a thread for arguing about such things a while ago here:


Enjoyed the video, thanks!

I think Rumpelstiltskin is underrated. You can’t plan for a specific special from him, but all 3 are very good. His attack special is almost the same as Azlar’s - but he’s Avg. Speed. Good balance between A/D/H as well. I’ll get laughed at, but I often use him as a 2nd blue with Alasie instead of Athena on attack teams, and usually works well.


I took a lot of flack for going after Zim when she was hotm. I have a budget, but this was the only time I broke it. I’ve never regretted it (Ok, maybe a little :laughing: ).

Here’s a perfect example of why I agree with @NittanyLionRoar on Zim. I use her on my war team especially when we run red tanks. Very often she is the last one standing in my team. In our current war, she’s actually the last hero standing in the field :rofl:


Huh? Those people don’t see her value then.

Took me 110x pulls to get her.

For me, it would be Margaret / Mitsuko / Thorne.

Top 5 underrated heroes?

To me they are:

  1. Anzogh
  2. Victor
  3. Guardian Kong
  4. Captain Kestrel
  5. Justice

Uhhhmmmmm… most heroes placed at the wings die very late in the game… MOST OF THE TIME. Try placing your Zim as tank or flank and then tell me if she is the last hero standing. At the wings, I tend to ignore her since her damage ain’t that much significant and by doing so, her skills allow her to recover some health. But she does not pose much problem for me. Not even once.

On the topic, I agree with @ JonahTheBard that Domitia is highly underrated. As a classic 5 star hero, she may sometimes be better than Sartana in certain aspects of this game, especially against holy titans since Domitia has high tile damage than Sartana and that her skill reduces damage taken from titan and that Dom dispels. When emblemed, her dodge has saved me multiple times in raids and in wars resulting to a victorious battle.


I would say Gadeirus, Richard, and Leonidas are my top 3. All 3 are extremely good heroes that don’t get much love

  • AoE huge hitters with meh (or none) status effects: G. Kong, Quintus

  • Good damage on 3 with meh (or none) status effects: Kestrel, Thoth

  • Kadilen


Richard tanks and Elena flanks.


I think you missed the point… She’s often the last one standing on my team. Meaning, the opponent must use another war flag just to take her out.

This also means others, like you, also ignore her as they focus on my tank and flanks while Zim sits happily in the corner healing herself, healing my red tank and cleansing my entire team.

As for putting her at tank, that’s not where she belongs. Thats like putting Guin at wing and expecting her to help your team. She’d be easy to defeat and everyone would ignore her instead of stacking 3+ purples. It’s just not what she’s made for.


I do perfectly see what you are pointing. What I was trying to emphasize is that in most cases of raiding and attacking in wars, if you failed to wipe out the entire enemy team, the heroes at the wings are most often the ones left standing. And what I am trying to stress is that by reason of their position neither flanking nor tanking, few deadly tiles come their way and that is the reason they still live if the attacker failed to erase all enemy heroes by reason of death of their own attacking team of heroes or lack of time. Of course, when raiding, you tend to snipe or kill the most dangerous of the enemy heroes after killing the tank with tiles. If I see the enemy heroes left are Zim, GM, Kage, and Joon after detanking, I will kill the hero who is about to use his special or close to having a full mana that has the most devastating skill effects like GM, Kage and Joon, not Zim, of course. Her damage is tolerable enough compared to the other 3.

But after detanking, if the heroes left are Zim, Aife, Brogan, and Olaf, trust me, Zim gets to be killed ASAP as she is the only hero that poses a threat to my raiding team.

Aife, Brogan and Olaf hey? Okayyyyy … haven’t seen that defense a lot

I think the point might be that Zim doesn’t seem that dangerous, as her damage is low, but she self heals via element link, and is an excellent all rounder, therefore people may underestimate her and not take her down quickly enough


Together 5 stars, seems legit :rofl:


LOL. The point is, if after the enemy tank is killed, it is a must that the next to be dealt with is the enemy hero that poses so much a threat to your attacking team. I just tried placing Aife, Brogan and Olaf to exaggerate the difference with Zim on the enemy team. Of course, Zim poses the greatest threat among them, so she is next to be killed.

No, I got that. It was more that Zim is actually a threat but people don’t always perceive it.

Of course out of that ragtag bunch she is the biggest threat, but when surrounded by fives she is less obvious BUT is still actually a threat

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As a recent Kong-puller and by habit Anzogh- and Justice-owner this makes me happy to see.

I get Anzogh being a tad underrated and Justice is a mean ■■■■ tank, but what’s good about the gorilla?

Edit: seriously, it blanks a-r-s-e? That’s basically a proper anatomical denomination.


He is a high damaging hero with a ton of hp, this would let him survive DoT easier than many other heroes.

His blue shield is a partywide buff and this could help him enhance his survivability against his weak color and as he is an average speed hero he would cast his special almost in every fight.

Great AoE damage and high attack score also makes him a good hero for events.


Beautiful, thanks :). Feeling a bit better about my consolation primate, sorry prize.


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