Top players wanting weak titans

I guess I understand that too. We fight 10 to 12 star Titans in our alliance and depending on the element and boards I feel a little over matched sometimes against the 12 stars.
The nice thing is if we fall behind we will occasionally let that one go. Even better all 30 of us never have conflict over the decisions because it always seems to be better for us in the long run. No super high demands sometimes results in more participation. And that just makes it a comfortable environment.


I’ve always looked for the best reward to item use ratio, which for me seems to be 9 and 10 star titans, at least prior to 14 star (haven’t tested there). The reward for the clan as a whole when taking on an 11 star simply isn’t worth it, one person gets an extra mat roll but more item use by everyone is generally needed in order to get that roll (clan dependent). I don’t mind fighting high level titans, I have so many items saved I could do it for quite some time at a very high level, but not everyone has been so conservative with item use and I can certainly see how getting smacked in the face over and over would get exhausting without items. (Yes I realize some folks can put up very good and consistent scores on titans without item use, I’m speaking more in general terms/teams).


We are similar. With only 29 players (where is that last one?), we often struggle against strong titsns. We kill all our 10 stars and try to keep the HP of our 11 stars under control by letting the high ones escape. Our only exception is with 11 star rares - then we use lots of battle items and flasks.

Our members seem content to let us make those decisions since they are made as soon as the titan spawns. We have a titan spreadsheet so we have a fairly good idea of what to expect next.

As one member said " I’d rather see us let one escape that we may have been able to kill as opposed to trying to kill one and failing, after using items and flasks!"

We try to err on the side of caution. Obviously if a really strong player is frustrated with us not killing most 11 stars, they would probably leave to join another alliance. So far we all seem to want to play the same way- active but having serious FUN!


That’s cool because that’s exactly how we handle it. We try never to let a rare one go. I guess I don’t realize how lucky I am to be in such a great alliance sometimes. It’s amazing how well we all get along especially being located all over the world.


I totally agree! My best rewards have come from 9 stars and it’s such a relief when we kill the titan and have 10+ hours before the next one. Ten stars are a close second, we can kill them with 5 - 8 hours remaining.

11 stars take a lot more effort and we seem to have more complaints about the meager rewards. Or, perhaps that’s because our expectations are higher for 11 stars!


Makes sense to me, but I don’t think the ones that you’re hearing from are worried about 9 and 10, they’re burnt out on 12-14s because it’s likely they still need to use items to maintain decent scores, but decent isn’t good enough to compete for an extra mat roll in their clan which means they might as well have fought a 9 star as the rolls are the same. I’ve always felt they needed to provide more incentive for bigger titans but then again, I also am sensitive to the fact that the gap (the one that folks worry about between ftp and p2w) will increase and frustrate many… hard to balance but I don’t see much reason to push hard on stringing difficult titans when the rewards are barely better then a pretty easy 9 star.


The one very strong player that I’m referring to from a Facebook post is actually looking for max 7 and 8 star titans!

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Sounds like they already took into account that they themselves might boost the titans to 9 or 10 and if they are joining a clan that was battling 7-8 they realize they’ll likely be top placing (in case of a rare 10 that they want to snag 4 rolls on). Although top placements for 7-8 also get 3 rolls I do believe so… maybe that’s all they are looking for. Not sure.

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Unless they are trying to do rare titan’s fishing (find a new alliance and boost them at the required level to make them appear) I have nothing against them.

I hope I didn’t make it sound like they were doing something bad. I really do believe it shows a mini-trend of higher level players just trying to find more balance.


Well I’ve been fighting 13* and 14* titans ever since they came out and you really need to use battle items to do well. My roster isnt extremely deep but I do have a ton of fantastic titan heroes so I can manage to get at least a B with these battle items (this is for our current green 14*)…

I know a lot of alliance mates feel they need to use tornados and times stops to do well against certain colors. We also always go to tier two with harpoons. That’s a ton of iron usage. You factor in all the new buildings plus the new challenge events with new rewards and iron becomes scarce. Players have more incentive to try and place well in the challenge events and I don’t think you can do that without using a ton of battle items. I can see why some players would want a break from the bigger titans to conserve iron. I was tempted myself to use all my battle items to try and place well but I just settled for the tiers just below the 4* mats which is very manageable with little item usage.


I don’t consider myself a top player by any means but am currently fighting 14* in a top 100 alliance. And yes, it’s taxing. Iron is a constant struggle. I have previously stepped down to teaching alliances during periods of RL being busy; to keep up with the titans I need to use all WE every day for farming. Flasks are revered and saved for AR, which in turn is farmed heavily for certain scarce mats (crude iron, dust, meteorites, nuggets…).

I understand how players can burn out a bit and want easier goings.


I’m guessing the fella your referring too wants to hit lower titans too; take a break from resources, grab a consistent A+ or A loot to try and get more mats to level 3/70 tunes waiting. If an Alliance is willing to have that all is fine… but I’m sure it’ll mess with war match ups. Fighting 13-14* titans is kinda fun but they are very hard to consistently beat. It doesn’t seem the rewards are worth the effort honestly. If your a top 100 Alliance it does really affect your ranking if you don’t consistently beat titans. The only solution is to build your teams- emblems, Mikis with resource spending and eventually they will become easier… some people might be frustrated now and want to find an easier way.

usually because they want to save items to compete in Challenge Events. Only so many Midnight Roots in the game.

Wouldn’t it be sweet?

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My thought to this is possibly variation, people tend to get bored doing same thing over and over… And as pointed by many already, killing higher Titan and getting top placement often require intense playing and many times lots of items; so coupled with that, my guess also is that there may be burnt out at some points where the player may seek a more relax playing, to accrue more items or just complete change of scene rather than mercing.

On the thought of that, if I was killing 14 * Titans and looking for more relax Titan killing, 8-9* would probably be my choice too. Below that, would make the reward less attractive and above would be returning to the intensive zone.

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Well, I also drift arround in weaker alliances to get enough mats for 12*+ Titans and give them advise. Once I collected enough Tornados, time stops, Mana potion etc. I usually return to same strong alliance to fight 13 or 14 star titans…maybe same idea?

Possibly but from the few I read on FB these sounded like players actually looking to join a weaker, but well-run alliance.

I know we’ve got lots of long-term members who seem perfectly content to fight our 10 star (occasional 11 star) titans with no intention of leaving to join stronger alliances.

Perhaps those strong players are looking for a similar alliance.

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Just sounds like a tactic for those that can’t hack it

If I ever decided to join a weaker alliance to take a break from top 100 I’d still want that alliance to be well run. I dont think I could join an alliance that leaves war flags unused or has no war strategy. These players might be looking for a break to stock up on battle items or whatever but they’ll still likely want to be competetive at that lower level. I know I would. I play this game to have fun and losing ain’t fun.

But who knows. Not everybody has to think like me. Maybe these people just want to go be the big fish in a small but well-run fishbowl.


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