Top Player for Event?


did the top player for the event really finish the whole thing with just Joon?? is that really possible??


No. He completed, then made a decoy attempt using Joon to conceal his actual team from his competition


ah ok thanks makes sense!


Lol I used a couple different color teams depending on the level. Mainly my green team which consisted of melendor, little John, gregorian, lianna, wu Kong. It was kind of an inside joke because I had a yellow team for level 6 and i have a max joon but Dator used my 70 by mistake and got a larger score with him. So when I got over my 810k goal I just put him in for fun because I was done trying to improve my runs.


sorry english is not my oficiaj language

Please tell me, what I make wrong.
I have scores last winer
Intermediate level 5 winner have 64,630 ptk, i finish level 5 in one minuts 15s and i have 52k ptk
My heroes have max lives and i don`t to use items
64k is unachievable


Are you talking about epic or legendary? Either one I use the same strategy, just different items. To be honest, if you’re looking for the higher scores, you have to use items. I used to try to place just by repetition “no item” hits and it doesn’t work. Even if you get the perfect board, you will need items to finish off some minions or bosses. Also using items gives you a better time. Most of my epic and legendary runs were under a minute. I shoot for 40 seconds on all of them. Remember scoring is based off of time, health, and combos. If you use items don’t waste them on a bad board.


ok , thank you very much


Sorry, rather off topic…

@Uclapack how do you pronounce your name?

I’m never sure if it’s U C L A pack
Or Ukler Pack
Or You- Clapak

Just for when I read down the rankings, I want to get it right in my head :wink:


Haha, I know it will forever be “Uckler Pack” in my head from now on! Best. Name. Ever!


I’ve also misread it as Ulcer Pack :thinking:


U C L A like the college and pack for the green bay packers. My two favorite teams lol


Aaahhh. Thanks :grin:
I’m from across the pond so missed the references.
Apologies if you get called Uckler Pack by @Fledoble


Sticking with Uckler Pack for sure!