Top *muffled murmur* alliance “Get In The Mini-Van” is recruiting!

Get In The Mini-Van is recruiting all levels. Mergers welcome. We’re relaxed, non-competitive and active. Open door policy - come and go as you please.

We’re currently fighting 6/7* Titans but would like to do a bit better there. War defense is coordinated but we use no war strategy whatsoever. We’ve permanently retired from setting war alarms and all other manner of making a fuss about things.

Our alliance is a mix of vets and young players. We enjoy both teaching and learning. Chat is not family friendly. :wink:

We don’t have many rules, but the few we do have are as follows:

War is optional but use all flags if opted in.
No politics, religion or movie spoilers.

Line: lesadarling


We’re filling up fast. So fast, in fact, that you’re all in danger of missing out on 3 gems and all this rope from our Titans. Did I mention the wonky matchmaking in war? :wink:

I’m Mrs. Clean in game. Come say hi!

At 16 members - ranging from level 22 to 69. 8* Titans.

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