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I was originally going to ask who you think are the top five heroes in the game currently, but that’s too vague since it depends on whether you’re thinking of war defense, Titans, events etc. So instead I will ask it this way; if you had to start a new account all over again with an empty roster, but you got to pick any five heroes in the game to obtain (fully ascended and emblemed) who would you pick?

My choices would be Ursena, Miki, Finley, Gravemaker and Mother North

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Seshat gravemaker Telluria vela Drake Fong


Grazul, Telluria, Kunchen, Ariel, Malosi.

I have a question for you more experienced players.
I have only been playing for three days but I noticed that I have a lot of extra common heroes I have only been playing for three days but I noticed that I have a lot of extra common heroes what can I do with them I really can’t use them to train and upgrade my five main character? So what can I do with them I really can’t use them to train and upgrade my five main characters.
I’ll so I don’t really understand why we have team to team three etc.

You’ll want multiple teams as you start collecting more and more heroes

Use your common and uncommon heroes to feed your 3* heroes. Can also use these heroes as extras for stacking colors in raids and progressing in world map and even in hitting titans.

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I agree with @Rigs. You will want to pick the top hero from each color and train them. Try to train them with the same color. So all of your yellow 1 and 2 star heroes go to Bane (everybody gets Bane). Once you have a team of 3 star heroes of every color, you will want to pick another set of heroes of every color. It is recommended to make 3 different teams of 3 star heroes and 3 to 4 teams of 4 star heroes before you work on 5 star heroes. You may not have many 3 star heroes yet, but you will eventually get them with normal gameplay.

If you haven’t already, you should join an alliance that is a good teaching alliance. There is a page on this forum that talks about alliances and there are some that are great for beginning players.


And everybody should keep at least one Bane forever unless you hate tournaments and quests!!

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Thanks very much for the reply and you also mentioned something that I was curious about I have attacked several Titans but I can never score more than 3000 points in damage but I seem to be only attacking with my main Team 1. Is there a strategy you could suggest that I could be more effective?

Again I really appreciate your help.

Great! This is all very helpful. I hadn’t really been concentrating only on my top five. Plus I made an initial mistake when I created my first team 1, and I only had three different colors. So after upgrading two redundant heroes I had to start over with two others of different colors.

I’m glad I found this for him but I wish I’d found it sooner.

At this point, I would focus on just building up that team of heroes. Eventually, when you have a team of heroes, you should attack the Titan with 3,4 or 5 of the same color hero. The color should be strong against the titan, so if the titan is red, you will want to attack with mostly blue. If the titan is purple/dark, you will want to attack with mostly yellow/holy. There are some heroes that will help your score get higher, but at this point, scoring 5000 is not bad at all for someone playing only a week.

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On my f2p alt account i started last week

I’m just using mono yellow as that has been my best RnG luck so far in getting decent heroes(bane, kailani, sha ji, couple others)

Right now I’m typically totalling around 10k total damage by just using 5 yellows in one team

Bane is the only hero i have leveled currently. I’ll probly level sha ji and kalani next to increase survivability

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Gravemaker, Finley, Drake Fong, Hel, Kingston.

Finley, GM, Clarissa, Telluria, Guinevere


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Poseidon, Ariel, Ursena, Triton, Proteus.

welcome to the Atlantis Family :slight_smile:


Finley - Gravemaker - Telluria - Vela - Ursena

Uumm… wait, thats just too easy and too mainstream… let me think again:

Grazul - Ranvir - Evelyn - Aeron - Thorne. That will be GREAT


Here’s the thread with all the player guides:

If you have a bunch of questions after you read some of the new player guides, just start up a thread, and lots of people will be glad to help.

I would go with Finley, Gravemaker, Telluria, Alfrike and Gazelle.

Then I will focus on 4* and not 5, 5* are really designed for long term players.

So i would say rigard C Hansel Grimm Wilbur and proteus.

For me…GM, Ariel, Seshat, Alberich, Gazelle :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

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