Top defense champions


My chicken is frying and I’m so ■■■■ hungry help. Let’s see how many top player teams I can count up before it’s done.

Reading some other topic I got curious how/if the recent patches affected the defense team hero prevalence. Let’s see how things are looking…


20 - Lianna
13 - Marjana
11 - Musashi
9 - Joon
7 - Sartana
3 - Magni
3 - Elkanen
1 - Kestrel
1 - Panther
1 - Sonya


21 - Hel
14 - Athena
2 - Richard
1 - Thorne
1 - Grimm


2 - Isarnia
2 - Elena
1 - Horghall
1 - Azlar
1 - Justice

HEALERS - 30 total

10 - Vivica
9 - Ares
5 - Alberich
4 - Boldtusk
1 - Rigard
1 - Kiril

Top 30 (chicken fried)


Hel is average mana speed :smiley:

curious to see whether things change a lot from the overview of top 100 defense teams i’ve done a while ago (EDIT: I know you know of this post, but for other curious people Overview of heroes used in defense teams of top 100).

Enjoy your fried chicken! :slight_smile:


Also wow, looking at this overview of top 30 it’s painfully clear that 4*s don’t cut it anymore.

only 8 4* heroes in total of the 150 used, only 2 non-healers.

(EDIT: just double checked the numbers, first one is 69. adding all up I get to 145, making it the top 29. Point still stands though!)


Whoops, fixed :smiley:

Aye, the top of the ladder is pretty much inaccessible to anyone rolling a team of 4s. Which makes sense, 5s are supposed to be stronger.

I find the discrepancy between fast and slow heroes more jarring personally. It hasn’t changed since your topic. Also, barely any tanks in DEFENSE team. I wrote a topic about tanks a while ago. I think they need some love. This kinda shows it I find.

And I sure did I enjoy the chikin!

[EDIT: 29… Appears that I ate someone on the way… should’ve had the chicken first >.<]


Doesn’t surprise me too much, there’s barely any average 5*s around apart from the Hotm’s (most of them anyways). With the slow heroes being that much less useful in any other part of the game, I know who I spend my materials on if I have them. Defense is the only part where they’re sort of useful, as they gain their mana so much faster than the offensive squad and usually have a lot of hp.

I have a maxed horghall, I literally only use him in defense and as my second green on titans. Since most people in the top have multiple heroes to choose from, it’s no surprise to me that they don’t pick the slow ones :slight_smile:

Agree with you that it’s not ideal though and that tanks perhaps should have more of a place, but they’re usually the first to get nerfed because people ‘can’t beat them’.