Top Defender Award

How come there’s no TOP DEFENDER award? I mean… B/c there’s more aspects to a war than just simply attacking. It’s seem like offensive efforts are the ONLY thing you get awarded for in this game. If there was a top defender award, I feel like it would give players more incentive to learn how to make a great defense teams & wars would be way more challenging & fun. Not to mention another avenue to get the mats you need or emblems for heroes which is ultimately what players of this game what/need anyways. You can base it off of most flags taken or lowest points scored against your defense team or something, but I feel defense is JUST AS if not MORE IMPORTANT than offense & it should be awarded just as much as offense is in this game, imo.

A great defence can make a huge difference. Although in recent wars, the team composition is the same, it’s the troop levels or number of emblems that differ. FWIW we as an alliance recognise our top defenders, so the incentive to make great defense teams already exists.


With you on that Sarah, I just wish the game did it as opposed to us so we can get some in game prizes for it. Also defensive stats to see where one can improve their defense teams, in which areas, & in certain situations (war condition wise)

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We have an awesome player who keeps stats on that. Which makes sense, if an alliance wants to improve and values defense.

That’s an interesting idea. I like it!

I’m not sure how it could be properly implemented in wars though without messing up the scoreboards too much…

But I always love it when one of my lower level players has a team that looks like an easy target, because of low team power… and the opponents go after them… one after another after another… :laughing:

I call those kinds of defenses “flag eaters”. Deceptively strong. They don’t look like much, they’re not worth many points, looks like an easy opponent for a low level flag…

Hah! Nope. Not as easy as they looked after all.

I’ve learned not to judge an opponent team on numbers alone. I’ve recently faced a few sub-4000 TP defenses that were harder to beat than some of the 4300+ TP defenses on the same team. How is that possible??? Synergies. Sometimes the seemingly strongest teams are basically just meat shields.

You don’t get any kind of award for being a top hitter currently, just some recognition. No extra loot incentive.

Wars in general are the least awarded aspect of the game, considering the effort and time involvement. Which is a shame in general, given that it is many peoples’ favourite aspect of the game and the one where a person’s cumulative performance is kind of a representation of their overall roster and skill

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War chests can be fairly lucrative. Not always! I’ve heard some horror stories on here. But in my experience at least, a war chest is usually roughly equivalent to an elemental chest in terms of loot.

Don’t know if there’s any difference in loot between top scorer and bottom scorer, though.

98% certain there isn’t

War chests are good, a half tier better than elemental chests in my opinion. But at best one in every 3 weeks and on average one in every 3-4 weeks (so roughly 1/3 or 1/4 the frequency of elemental chests) the loot reward just isn’t there. You do wars to represent yourself, and your alliance

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You’re probably right on that note. Which is why, when I coordinate wars for my alliance, I don’t concern myself with my personal score. I am always happy to “take one for the team” by doing tank bust duty and letting a lower level player mop up for higher overall scores. The only score that matters to me is the team score. If I have the lowest score in the entire war, but my alliance won? That’s a win! :+1:

Wars are admittedly one of my favorite parts of the game. I do them mostly for fun and glory. And the loot at the end of the rainbow when we finally fill a chest. :grin:

EDIT: and also, I don’t get an elemental chest every week. Because I’m not a hardcore grinder like many of you. I’m lucky if I get 2 elemental chests a month.

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Regardless of any extra rewards (I’d never turn down free loot, although in my alliance and being a newb I’d never get it :joy:) I would love to just be able to view a replay of the opponent’s attack against my war team. I feel like being able to watch what went down would be so beneficial to me, I’m a visual learner.

It’s different when taking your defense team on a raid, you control the board and you have the upper hand. I want to be able to SEE what is happening against my defense team, when I’m not there to puppeteer them. Pipe dreams!

Back on topic…it would be cool if the team that had the most unsuccessful flags used against them (not a one shot) got some extra stuff. Hell, even if leadership were given the opportunity to give a temporary badge or something to whoever they felt was most deserving, that would be fun.

I play another game where wars are much more intensive and count for a lot more, and there’s a scoring mechanism built into the game that determines the war’s VIP. It’s always a source of bragging rights, although rewards are all the same.

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