Top Allianz Sturmreiter

Sturmreiter currently has a free seat for a new member!

We are a loose alliance, but definitely active. We know you may have a life outside of the game, so we allow for some leniency. But to be fair, if you’re twice inactive on Titan, we’ll have to fire you. We help each other along the way.

The minimum for the trophy is 1000.

If you want to join a sometimes silly bunch of titan fighters, look for Sturmreiter !! We look forward to welcoming you to the Guild.


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Falco, alles klar, wir warten auf dich… lad’ dir bitte line runter, damit wir in kontakt bleiben können bis du deinen account wieder hast😘 meine ID bei Line ist kat1601

English please, or I can move your thread to Foreign Languages. Thanks for following Forum Rules. :wink:

sorry, the reply was ment for my alliancemember, who has lost her account… :sweat_smile:


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