Top Alliances in war ranking. Mentioned by Country or Language used in game (Many being international Alliances)

Some friends of mine have been doing some great data tracking, on top war Alliances, that I will like to share with you all. Some Alliances may be missing on the list, then feel free to comment on that.
I will try to make updates when the list is updated.
I am not the clever mind, behind it.
The requirements for being on the list is either having a tracked maxed war score at 140k or higher, then they will be kept up on the list if not going lower than 137k when full.
Some Alliances on the list are mentioned, not currently meeting those requirements, will still be on the list, supporting the ones tracking the data, in the top :100: leader room on Line.
It is not a war leaderboard, like SG could make it, having all data at hand.
But maybe being a small help, to know what Alliances are currently on top in wars, in different countries or languages of game chat.
Please note that, that many Alliances are international, and having members, from all around, even having one main language in chats. Some may be listed by country and others by language.

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