Top Alliance Player Seeking New Home 🏡

Hey all.

Level 93 player is seeking a new alliance to join.

I’ve been part of many wonderful alliances over my time in E&P. The past year I’ve been in a couple of Top 100 alliances.

Ideally seeking a top team where everyone follows the rules, is respectful, uses all flags. But most importantly… I don’t have to read over 100+ messages a day. :sweat_smile: - I mean zero disrespect to my previous alliances. They are wonderful people and have very talented players. I just need an alliance that’s less “social” as I feel I fell behind not being able to keep up with so many messages daily.
I’d like to be part of a crew that trusts and works together. 14 star titans! And where the players are respectful with no drama :performing_arts:

I recently deleted my line account. (But if the alliance is the right fit then I can make a new one)
Not a fan of discord. It’s a no from me.
I have rainbow :rainbow: mana troops at level 29 (and working on my second set now)
Not having the best luck pulling the new “powerful” hero’s. But I can hold my own. I compete heavy in MT & AQ.

Anything else you want to know just give me a shout.

:kiss: - Lace


Hey, Lace. Why don’t you give Phoenix Raiders a try? Since you don’t have Line, you can just knock and chat with the leader, Drakares.

You used to be in Test your Might, right? Was it Too Strong for Titans before? I have friends who played in that alliance.

Good luck.

P.S. I’m in Phoenix Empire, btw. Both alliances are part of the same family.


You have a good memory :grin:
Yes I was in TYM before. And TTFT. Recently played a few days with Menace 2 Sobriety. (Another awesome alliance) and left agent shield family. What can I say? I clearly get around :joy:

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll make sure to have a look and check them out. Ideally wanting to find my forever little home :house_with_garden:

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Hey @Lace

I know the feeling! At TBD: Part Deux we think we’ve got the mix right between casual and competitive. We do cap at 12* titans (except rare) but mainly to help save items, and when full we get into top 1k of events. Last MT with 24 we were at 1200ish.

Some days we’re chatty, some we’re not. Some of us talk more than others. We’re a mix of the US, UK, Europe and Aus. FFA wars because it’s just easier that way. There’s a core group and a few members of the unofficial family that pop in and out including @Sarah2 and @Control_Freq

Come pop in and say hi, or just put your feet up and have a cup of tea, either’s good. We’d love to welcome you.


East of the Equator fills all your wants and desires for a permanent home.
However we do require Discord. We use that to communicate . I know that may be a deal breaker but let me explain some of the benefits of having it.
We have a log of all our titan and war wins and losses. Many channels just for communication about sharing advice on heros or lineups. We also have an elaborate library with game tips that aide in farming and special events .
We are stringing 14 star titans and have some players like you from higher level more aggressive alliances.
We pride ourselves on using all war flags .

Heres the link to our welcome channel where you can learn more about our playing style.

Hi Lace,
all your alliance requirements fit perfectly with The Incognitos :grin:,

Not sure whether we’ll have an opening soon but you never know😉

If you’re interested feel free to get in touch via line w/ @dee_the-queen_bee or @hendrik_jp


I have been trying to find u at Line. Maybe u can give us a try.
Visit anytime.

Hi Lace. Have a peek at The Pirate Horde here:

Drop me a line if it looks good to you.


We are going through a rebuilding at the moment

Apex-predators is the name getting loot is the game.
Looking for active players.

War optional but all flags must be used.
Titan on 12* kill every one its capped at 12* only kill 13* rare. (once we get more players and more stable we will increase titan levels).
Line chat available.
English speaking preferred.
We a cool bunch.

You want 14* titans iv killed 14* for about a year, in the last month of killing 12* the loot seems better imo . Ill chuck our name into the hat …

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I’m sure the North family would fit you perfectly :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not quite certain of the available space currently as I’m not a recruiter, but if you have any interest, don’t hesitate to contact any of the leaders. Or maybe @Julia could contact you!

Plenty to choose from (although KotN for the win!)

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Hi @Lace,

I believe that Diamond Infantry would be a good fit for you.

We rarely have this happen.

We are fighting 14* titans.

We don’t use Line or Discord.

We always finish in the top 1000 of MT and AQ and we actually managed to finish in the top 20 in the first Monster Island Event.

Feel free to check us out.

Seven Days Uprising is looking for a new permanent member.
14* titans, structured wars, top100 in every MT last year.

We use Discord and Line, Discord for sharing documents, videos and messages via line.
Sometimes our chat is nearly empty, most times its full, but the few important announcements are on discord, no need to read hundreds of alliance chat messages. But our leader, Kronos, can explain it better. If you are interressted contact him via line. Contact is kronos_niks

Happy gaming

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Hi Lace,

I am with an alliance called Brothers of the Sword. We could use a few more female killers like myself to round out the team. We have been chaining 14s forever. We never have any flags left over, it’s a ffa war style but have good members who know their roles on clean ups. Line is optional and the chat isn’t crazy. Have a look, love to have you join us!

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Wow! Awesome invites you have to choose from here…best of luck finding your new home!
Feel free to pop by Dragon Cohort TMA if your out & about and ready for some active relaxation …

May the portals show you kindness!


Tnalli is a mid tier upcoming alliance with 1-5000+, 5-4500+, 10-3500+ and newbies. We could use another monster member. Currently smashing 6 star titans and a few 7s. Alliance is very gifting as well. We like spending money on alliance help. You dont have to but certainly enjoy the gifts. Score 110,000.

You should really take a look at Ascendancy, you wont regret it. Filled with former top alliance members who wanted something a little different

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