Top 50 alliance The Headless Horsemen are recruiting

@Purpeyes, Legends of Sleepy Hallow monsters only still have their heads because @EnigmaticAxioms won’t let me have a turn with the Axe. Something about allowing me to touch weapons is dangerous. :thinking::roll_eyes: And he won’t let me have the keys to the tank or my shackles, something about blowing up buildings last time I was out… I don’t know what he means :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, I wasn’t really listening to him. The voices were much more entertaining. Can you see if you can sneak my markers back for me? My room is way too white and I’m bored.


Has anyone seen my head? The boys were playing catch with it and now I can’t find it… Oh well, I’ll just borrow someone else’s head to go shopping. I’m sure no one will notice, or mind.

Oh, by the way… We are looking to fill spots for retiring members. If interested, contact ayb50 on line… Or you can come.for a snack and chat with the voices in our Discord server just DONT type “!nottheax” could be dangerous.

Do you have what it takes to be headless?

Slots opening as some members go into retirement. Contact ayb50 via line or join our server

Don’t worry if you lose your head on the way, you’ll just blend in… Completely normal… Unlike me. Ahem. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face::rofl:

Wanna lose your head and be in a top 50 alliance? Cool! Click here!! THH Recruiting or here!! THH Discord

We are a completely chill alliance, all we ask is you use all war and titan flags and be respectful. We rotate harpoon duty between 3 teams- we will assign you to one.

We use discord and line, most of us are very helpful (except me, my voices get in the way too much) Need any help with team selection or hero questions of any type? One of us will have an answer for ya!

Come check us out!!


Off with its head!!! Kill the mythic with us! Headless Horseman Recruiting

One needed for Monday’s Mythic titan apply here THH Recruiting

Join our friendly beastly hitting crew. Great time to join now before Mythic Titan! Last time we finished at #34. One spot open.

One spot just opened up. Apply here!! THH Recruiting or here!! THH Discord

A couple of spots opening up after war get in touch if interested!

3 spots open!

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1 spot to fill we have a player waiting to retire

Looks like my ID got cut off… my line ID is: _harleyq

I really need to have a talk with those voices. Always messing’ stuff up! The little mischievous things! Off with their heads! :rofl::joy:

Ahem. Sorry. Don’t mind me. I don’t. :crazy_face:

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3 spots open apply here

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