Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game


So where does Yunan stand as a tank?


Yunan with increased stats and fighters ability can really be one of the greatest tanks.

The question is: would you give him emblems before Panther (amazing on Titans and events) or Delilah (overall more usefull)?

If the answer is yes, build your defence around him.
People will fear you.


And what about Mitsuko?


The only thing I do not like about Yunan is he is a C rated on titans. So not a lot of tile damage. Really wish they would give him a little more offense to raise to a B would be nice. I have Yunan magni to the left then Rigard. To the left Drake Then Azlar. So it’s not to bad. Just not enough to stay in Diamond Arena.


I take out Gravemaker a lot. Mostly when I put Athena in place of Magni or add her with Magni. I personally think Yunan is a much better tank. That’s just my opinion. Quinivere is a different story. I have not faced Aries as of yet. But Quinivere is really tough to kill.


OI wish I had Panther or Dilliah. But not yet. Or eveylyn.


That happens yo me a lot. Especially on titans you seem to not get the color tiles your healer is. I even tried 3 different color healers and no tiles for either one. Just doesn’t seem right. Happens a lot. Think it is just done to make you use a crap load of resources.


I got to arrive to post 69 to find Gravemaker mentionned has a good tank. After Guinevere he is my second choice. Hel, Ares and Dalilah / Alasie will complete my favorite tanks.

Green tanks are jokes, specially horghall. Above 2700 I have not seen any horghall for a while.


Thoughts on Onatel

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Look at the dates of the posts. GM was the HOTM in June (I think). Up to about post 67/68, the posts were from May and prior, which was before GM was released


Now i think Santa is a really solid tank too, but under guin, ares and GM.


Thanks very useful guide. Respect from me, people like you make this game much more interesting


Santa is an excellent tank. Although Slow, he’s got the bulk to survive. Add Monk abilities to him, and he’ll be even better.


Do you think that Queen of Hearts could be a better tank than santa?


Provoke sounds like an actual tank tool. We’ll see