Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game



for those that can’t realy on having overpowered hotm


Magni as a tank? He has one of lowest defense of 5*








Maybe obakan for purple


591 + 63% defense skill and 1334 life. Most people lack greens to attack blues anyways.


Even considering his super… his defense is so low that by the time he fires he will have about half HP or even less… he certainly will fire mostly just once. The tank idea is to last longer possible and support the attackers, I consider Magni much more an attacker with the bonus of increasing defense. He stays right beside my tank, which I’m still working on and looking for a definite one


I love seeing Azlar tanks, as it’s almost a sure thing I can kill him before he fires if I double blue (e.g. Grimm and a sniper). Marjana seems a better red tank, as she’s almost sure to fire at least once, maybe twice.

Of course, if Azlar does fire, then you’re toast. Literally.


LOL this!!!
Guin is devastating… If Li xiu is a pain…guin is like 2 Li xuis in one. which = a railroad spike in the gonads… Plus she’s a good healer.
I don’t think i ever won against a squad with guin that went offf more than once.

And if she’s lvl80 I usually pass and I always attack 45 to 50 cup squads…


I always found azlar more dangerous off to the sides. in the tank spot he can charge faster but almost guaranteed more focused hits. off to the sides he seemingly is a greater risk of going off


Good to know, I was disappointed when I got Kashhrek, was waiting on a fast hero.


#1 Gravemaker. He’s tough enough to survive a couple good blue matches even when you stack blue, and that’s if you get blue matches. And he hurts your heroes very quickly, he ends games.
#2 Delilah. She’s quite tough and she has a nice heal plus she provides meat shields with her minions.
#3 Guinevere. Super annoying if she survives to cast her special.
#4 Ares. He’s quite tough and his attack buff to nearby allies is rough specula when he’s flanked by fast snipers, and he provides a little healing over time.
#5 Zeline. Fast mana AOE with solid stats but her attack debuff really makes her shine. -34% attack will reduce a maxed 5* attack down to a 2/60 5* attack power level. Attacking with 4* heroes, she really slows down your ability to kill which aids her allies who are charging their specials with the tiles you send up the board.


GM is really strong.


Interesting. I wouldn’t have Delilah or Zeline on any list for tanks. Especially Zeline she just kind of dies too easily. Very tough as a flank though.


I don’t really like Delilah as tank, but strange enough i often have terrible boards against her, and so, lose.

I win more against Guin with the very same team, and that’s just absurd.


I don’t think you have terrible boards , just that Delilah really is a tough cookie. For the record, Delilah is my nemesis as well. It’s all about your team I guess. I have 3 great Single target damage dealers and two healers… if Delilah spread over the defending team too much I am in trouble. An AOE hero like eline/fong etc. would be much stronger in those cases.

OTOH, being able to snipe away high threats is something my team excels in, so it’s not that bad.


Nope nope, it really is the board.
I often use both Hel, Sartana and Sabina (or Rigard) against yellow tanks, but only against her i find almost none purple tiles.


That’s because her minions run around stealing them!


it’s possible considering a single person is a small sample and truly could have the RNG gods against him/her.

However, considering you are not the only one struggling with Delilah, it’s highly likely it’s a bit more than that :wink::rofl:


My Top 5 is:


I think Guinevere and Gravemaker are in a level above all others!!!


Now, Gravemaker kicked Alberich, Azlar & Horghal out of the top to me:

  1. Guinevere
  2. Yunan
  3. Gravemaker
  4. Ares
  5. Hel


I’d swap places of Yunan and Guin. And maybe Ares and Hel.
But I agree these are top 5.

The strongest color in my roster is green and yellow is the weakest, bit I still wish for Yunan more than Guin.