Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game


This explains a lot. My first team has 3 “glass cannons” on it (Grimm, Sabina and Scarlett) and G. Kong on my bench. If the tiles fall right I cause a lot of damage (Wu and Caedmon are my other 2), but if they don’t, I get clobbered. I am working on maxing Scarlett and Wu while leveling Kiril, Zeline and Rigard for my 2nd line. I do have G. Falcon so I can work on him once I have Scarlett maxed to add some tankiness to my team. The only 5* from your list that I currently have is Horghall and I can’t see leveling him before Zeline.


Completely agree. Zeline is a top-notch hero who should get into your lineup ASAP.


Thanks @Kerridoc, this is awesome! I love the willingness and technical mind behind pure data crunching. That is actually the whole reason why I made this post in the first place. As you can see by the results, looking at the stats alone does not actually provide the best hero for the position. Each heroes special and how it impacts the rest of both your team and your opponents team makes a critical difference. I think that is where perception actually does find truth. With thousands and thousands of raids happening and top players agreeing that certain heroes pose the biggest issues, I think stats begin to take a slight backseat to the overall consensus. Either way, it is just plain fun to talk about. Thanks again for all of the input!


One more shield for level 3 ascension then 4 shields and 3 tonics for the final level.

Quick off topic question – Do you think Zeline at 3-70 is better than Caedmon at 4-70?


When most of us say “tank”, we mean “center hero that gets the brunt of the tiles”. If all your tank does is absorb damage, at high levels, that’s not good enough. That’s why Guin, Ares, and Hel are the top 3 no question - their specials matter, a lot. They contribute to killing the other team in multiple ways and not simply by being a meatshield.


Close, but yes. The one situation where Caedmon is clearly better is against riposte. Like all debuffers, Zeline hits first and debuffs second, so she can take a lot of damage clearly riposte. Caedmon usually has a target without riposte up that he can hit without hurting himself.


Which is why Guardian Owl and Thorne, although at the top of my “tankiness metric” aren’t in fact very popular. Owl’s special is most effective as the last hero standing, but center is usually first down. Thorne’s special is very underwhelming.

Both Hel and Vivica are tanky enough to hold center especially considering their annoying specials. FWIW, they are in spots #24 and #25 respectively on the list, which is pretty far down on the list of 38 released 5* heroes.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. I could have imagined…

But I think that a tank has a bigger role as meatshield in my score range or at least a bigger effect…just till they got enought strong attackers


I can definitely vouch for Kasshrek as best 4 star center tank. I flank him with Rigard and Grimm and I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

So if you’re a starting player, and find a Kasshrek, rejoice!


Yeah, it looks like the differences in opinion are actually more based off of everyone’s definition of “tank” rather than what the individual heroes do. My understanding is that “tank” means the hero that’s in the center position. To me, a “tanky” hero is one that can absorb a lot of damage before dying.

A tanky hero isn’t always best in the center “tank” position while a more fragile hero may have an ability that’s so powerful you want it in the center position even if it dies. Thus, since the question is about the best “tank” I want to mention that my 4-star rankings are based on which hero is best in the tank, or center position.

It’s an educated guess based on 7DD’s hero grading of the tank position and my own personal experience as I am climbing up the cup ladder…but since we can’t know exactly how all of the abilities interact, it’s still just a guess. As I am getting to 2,100+ cups, I am still seeing a lot of #'s 1-5 (Kasshrek, Li Xiu, Boril, Colen, Cyprian) at the tank position and almost none of the heroes I listed at #6-10 in the tank position (Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Rigard, Little John). That tells me that those heroes #6-10 are capping the team’s defensive potential at around 2,000 cups and they’re getting beat often.


Kashrek is indeed an enduring tank, but his (it’s?) problem is that it’s a completely harmless placeholder to charge your specials against. For 4*'s, I think Boril or Cyprian with riposte or even Boldtusk who’s +damage makes his team’s slash damage hurt are better options. Among the 4*'s, also Gormek can have his use as a tank.


ok, well let’s not get caught up on the MMO definition of tank then. In E&P, a tank needs to do more than not die.


I didn’t think many people like having Cyprian or Boril on the team because they only do damage from a percentage of received damage. Of course the neighbours do the same damage.
Can I ask what you would pick as your attack team. I currently use
Scarlett, Tiburtus, Chao, Isarnia and ( I can’t remember his name but the green version of sonya.)
I do have 22 4 star hero’s to choose from but I’m working on all of them. I have Gormek and Natalya that I could use as attack instead of Scarlett


Defense Team: Right now I have a fully-leveled Cyprian as my tank. Just like most 4-star tanks, he’s situational and his success depends entirely on the heroes supporting him. I have Boldtusk and Melendor flanking on either side, whose healing tends to keep him alive because incidental tiles tend to fire them up. Additionally, Boldtusk and Mel provide perks (strengthening attack and dispeling the opponent) which make it harder to take Cyprian down. As you can see by my rankings, there are other tanks I would rather have, but RNG picked Cyprian for me early on in the game. Now that I’ve acquired some 5-star heroes that are being leveled, the makeup of my defense will improve in the near future.

Attack Team: Up front, I want to say that I’ve leveled a rainbow attack team that does well, but that’s not my long-term plan. I have acquired enough heroes that once they’re leveled, my attack team is going to depend on who I am facing. I’ll get to that in a moment.

The rainbow attack team I currently use is TIburtus, Boldtusk, Grimm, Melendor, Wu Kong. I have fully completed both the intermediate and advanced levels of the last two events with this team. This is also a very good titan team. It’s not good enough to place in the events or get the highest titan scores, but that’s because rainbow teams won’t do that for you.

As I level more heroes, I may bring along G. Falcon and Gormek to green tank/titan fights (taking out Grimm/Tiburtus). G. Jackal and Delilah are inclusions against purple tanks/titans (taking out Tiburtus/Melendor). I can bring in Kiril and Sonya as additional blues against red tanks/titans (taking out Melendor and maybe BT whose ability is semi-redundant). This is my long-term plan.


Thank you for that reply you gave a thought provoking answer. Against the titans I like to use 4 of the strongest colour hero’s and 1 other. I am desperate for a Wu Kong but so far I haven’t been that lucky. When my elemental summons box turns yellow I’m going to do a 10 pull and hopefully Wu Kong will drop out for me.


Good luck! Yeah, he’s the foundation for the titan teams. I even leave him in against yellow.


At up to 3400+ team power, I had a Kashhrek tank (center), flanked by two fast shooters, with one more shooter and one more healer on the sides.

That team (att team = def team at that time, the choices of serviceable heroes come later…) took me to 2200+ cups.

I remember quite a number of raids where only that sturdy green guy was still standing - and I won with the tiles :slight_smile:

Yeah, in the meantime, I have other choices.
But Kashhrek is happy to see some action again in AW. And doing well :slight_smile:


I think that the best of them are:

  1. Guinevere (Reduces mana and purple defence)
  2. Ares (Healer, gives attack and high critical chance to next heroes)
  3. Justice (very good wall, give -35% accuracy to opponents)
  4. Azlar (if he hit you… you are dead in some turn…)
  5. Horghall (opponent’s 4* and 5* heroes attacks like 3* heroes for some turn)


In relation to Alliance Wars, the centers who absorb damage well and take time to kill are arguably moved up a notch because of the revenge arrows on turn 7. Horghall is very underrated for alliance wars imo.


Just got @Anchor 's list to look who i should use as a tank.

When i’m looking at the A’s for Tank, then there are just 4 heroes normally available:

  1. Azlar (red)
  2. Richard (blue)
  3. Horghall (green)
  4. Justice (yellow)

So no purple tank. All other heroes can only be bought by using diamonds and are mostly event.

If i’m looking at these 4 and look at other defense figures that would be

1 and 2 Azlar and Horghall (overall A rating on defense, not only on tank)
3 and 4 Justice and Richard (overall B rating on defense).

As i have Azlar i will going to use him as tank soon. :slight_smile: