Top 5 reasons why you hate this game and why you still play it

I am a big fan of good deals and getting the best value for my money. It’s a “skill” I picked up from my grandparents who grew up during the Great Depression. Hence why I balk at coffee that costs $5 for a cup, or heroes that cost $100 to summon.

The game library I posted above? A lot of those games, I picked up for less than $10. Either because they were used, on sale, or just “old”.

What’s the difference between buying a brand new game on day one for $60, or buying a used copy two years after release for $5? The difference is, I just saved $55, and still got the same amount of fun from the game as the person who paid full price.

Did I have to wait longer to enjoy it? Yes. But while they were enjoying that fresh brand new game that they stood in line at Gamestop to pick up at 12:01 a.m., I was just for the first time opening up the packaging for another game that they dropped $60 on two years before that - a game that I managed to pick up at a fraction of what they paid for it.

Was the game any less fun being 2 years old? Nope. I mean sure… I had heard all the spoiler alerts, so I already knew how the game was going to eventually end. But hell, these days, you can read how a movie is going to end before it’s even been released. The beauty of video games is that you can still enjoy playing them even if you already know how the storyline ends up panning out.

Now, to get back on topic. Things I hate about this game. S2 and S3 are already old news in this game. I don’t care about “spoiler alerts” in the storyline because let’s be honest, the so-called “story” has always been fairly lame anyway. But the unique heroes are still pretty cool.

So why is it then that I have to pay full retail price for heroes that are now 3 years old? That’s just stupid. I wouldn’t pay $5 for a cup of coffee that had been sitting on the burner at Denny’s for 3 days straight, why would I pay $100+ for a 3-year-old now obsolete E&P hero?


I know the feeling, I love the game but hate the way some play for a bit including some leaders then desert the team or is it they lose interest but in that case hand over the leadership to someone else who does keep going and for those who don’t play for hundreds of days to at least have the decency to state they’re leaving, don’t need to say why but at least let us know as when it comes to alliance war competition it helps to have the team unit if only to grow ! If you’re bored or had enough quit or let the game makers know if there’s a problem joining in with the team down to update issues as our team leader stated a year ago and came back but to be gone for over 6 months should pass the leadership over . Also as some of those members who have been gone the same length of time , have they followed the leadership elsewhere or just quit without informing rest of team . I love having fun and an occasional natter asking how people are or stuff about the game which at one time was good but now it’s like we’re enjoying game but there’s no leadership and we can’t make decisions without a leader and co leaders of which being elders leaves us stuck other than being advised to start a new team which we don’t want to do so something should be done to enable elders to become co leaders of leader and be able to change the emblem and what we represent as a team for the message , none of which we can do so just carry on as we like playing the game but can’t progress without serious players who commit to help the team they’ve joined and been with . Transparency honesty and a look at what can be done by the game makers to connect with leaders who desert the team but the minute someone asks questions appear then disappears again despite friendly team members who actually participate and are trying to make progress our friendly team .

*1st reason is money! Costs too much to truly compete.
*2nd is the amount of time you need in order to play all that’s presented to you. Wars are also time-consuming.
*3rd is it taking my attention from important things, that don’t even cost a penny!?
*4th is It’s too hard to get a decent pull, unless you invest.
*5th reason is We don’t get rewarded enough, for what we put into it, be that money and/or time!
The only reason I still play, is that it’s an addiction, & I’m an addict! Which is not a good thing, either.
I’m pledging right now, to not spend any more $ on this game. Only VIP every month & POV. That’s $15.00 mo. for one account. I wish POV had never been added. Lol…

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Yes. Quite literally anything else in rl is more fulfilling than a mobile match 3 game.

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Why i hate it

  1. No duplicate heroes promised solution- no QoL promised improvements.
  2. Devs are out of ideas for new heroes… If you exclude this new Elizabeth mechanic the new heroes are just op copies of the old ones… Also too many op ideas like costumes on event heroes or limit breakers.
  3. Too many events during the month.
  4. Ascension materials are too scarce… Yes ok they want you to spend your cash on those precious materials, but don’t you think people would spend more in portals if they could Ascend heroes faster?
  5. The emblem system - I’d increase emblem cost but with lesser nodes.

Why i still play it

Because I enjoy playing with my fellow alliance members and i still get satisfied to rock a titan or win a war


Spare a thought for the disadvantaged amongst us. I complain, but I need 39 gloves, 34 compasses, 32 trap tools, 36 orbs, 44 warm capes, 39 sturdy shields and 41 hidden blades AND that is just 3 star unfarmables. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why I hate this game:

  1. Lack of 4* mats
  2. Power creep so bad SG wants costumes on strong seasonal toons.
  3. Too many bad boards.
  4. Summoning portals in new events in place of actual new content.
  5. Dealing with alliance b.s. The latest being the shock of discovering there are alliances that value chat participation over titan and war hits.

Why I play? Too much invested even tough cheap to play now.


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