Top 5 reasons why you hate this game and why you still play it

Top 5 reasons you hate this game and you still play it.

You start!


Hate- broken summoning. Devs refusal to balance whole game. Game becoming toooo money hungry.

Keep playing- already invested too much.

New hero’s getting more and more op I gotta think about just cutting my losses at some point. My old hero’s become more and more useless. Hopefully I’ll smarten up sooner rather than later.

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  1. Unrewarding grind
  2. Lack of frequent and meaningful balance patches
  3. Too many bottlenecks (including resources needed to upgrade buildings)
  4. RNG can screw you hard with no countermeasure (look at X revives in a row, Ninja dodges & CO.)
  5. Too many popups

Why I still play:

  1. It’s a game I still enjoy playing
  2. I have friends playing
  3. I’m a bit of a collector

Another “misery loves company” thread.

I rather like the game but you’ll have plenty of takers I’m sure.


For the last 2.4 years it’s been a “US sanction scam” as well.

Just so we are being objective in our angry shout downs of Finland.

I’ve been playing for 2 years now so I’ve never known a time when it wasn’t owned by a US company.

I have to say that I don’t have one reason to “Hate” the game. And that’s why I still play.

Admittedly some things do get me frustrated such as Ninja Tower and raids - that’s why I focus on other areas that are a lot more enjoyable. There is still lots of “Fun” stuff to do in this game.

I see lots of posts recently with players announcing how much they hate this and that about SG and E&P. Some players post their loathing on a regular basis.

My view for me personally is that if I “Hated” the game so much, I would throw in the towel and leave for my own well being. Why would anyone want to play a GAME that makes them miserable?


This I agree with 100%.

I think if you can honestly name 5 reasons to hate doing something, bearing in mind hatred is an extreme emotion, then not doing it at all would be a reasonable solution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seriously though, no good will come of this.
Save the younglings. Bury the topic deep in a rant thread somewhere.


■■■? I’m doomed. …

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I don’t hate it at all. I’m dissatisfied with some aspects. When I get bored with it I will eventually wander away and do something else, probably play another game (I play several others as it is, a couple of them even quite similar to this, though E&P is the main one and the only one I’d spend more than the odd fiver on). I can’t imagine ever feeding all my best heroes to Aife because why go to that much trouble? Just put the phone down.

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Still play:

  1. People in my alliance are great and I love to be part of their leisure time
  2. It’s fairly casual, you are not required to play it for mid to long sessions
  3. It’s not flooded with ads
  4. Getting asked by spenders “how do you do?!?”
  5. Titans


  1. Random in boards
  2. Random in skills
  3. Random in summons
  4. Random in talents
  5. The cost of all that random

The biggest frustration I have with anything E/P related is the daily complaining in this forum.

When I first started this group helped me understand the basic then finer points of the game.

The helpful threads are now quickly overrun by whining.

I enjoy the actual game, if you dont then leave .
The argument “I’ve invested too much to walk away” is a load of crap.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is the daily contribution to retaining from “the daily complaining in this forum” :rofl:

It’s not a great argument, but incapability to withdraw previous commitment is a thing among humans: holding marriages and work relationships together since 2021 BCE :wink:


Well, if were comparing commitment to this game to commitment of marriage then we may have a much bigger problem .

You mean the fact that some divorces cost less than some E&P accounts? :rofl:

Commitment is commitment, if you have problems accepting you need to drop it those problems will be there no matter what you commit to :woman_shrugging:


Sunk Cost



  1. the whole concept of pay to win.

  2. the arrogance of some people who think themselves great strategists and boardmasters after sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars into the summoning portals. Would love to see them strategise and work the boards with my roster.

  3. the massive, insane, neverending powercreep intented to put the older heroes out of bussines and shamelessly stimulate spending to get the new ones.

  4. the total lack of respect and loyality towards long time players that the above point 3) shows. It translates: “We don’t give a ■■■■ how much money you previously pumped into our accounts, we want your money NOW, you milking cows!”

  5. the childish, hollow narrative and art of the main campains storyline. It’s fitt for 5 year olds…

Reasons that keep me playing:

Hmmm… can’t put my finger on any specific one… I’ve been playing for years now, it kind of became like breathing. Best thing, I never spent a dime.


I don’t hate the game. If I did I wouldn’t be playing it.

That said:

  • there are times when I really hate the lack of tiles when trying to raid/war
  • there are times when I really hate the power creep when facing 4700+ Frigg-Odin teams one after the other
  • there are times when I really hate the constant grind for so little gain
  • there are times when I really hate the backlog of events/quests, especially if an elemental chest happens to also pop up
  • Can’t think of a fifth offhand

But those are transient things. There are also times when I love getting a full-on cascade that wipes out Frigg and Odin in three moves.

I am TBH essentially indifferent to SG’s attitude. As long as the game itself remains an entertaining diversion I will keep playing.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. No, not doomed. But I would consider the stress you put upon yourself by continuing to play, if the game does indeed cause you that much angst. It can’t be healthy mentally if it sends you off the deep end every time a board/summons/anything else goes wrong.

I get the whole alliance camaraderie thing, and I understand why people use the “sunk time/money cost” argument too. Hell, both of those kept me playing way past my sell by date, but eventually something has to give.

Either players can leave and do something different, and not necessarily another game, or its a battle of wills as to who folds first: SG shutting the servers, or the player base imploding/going slowly insane.

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