TOP 1000 defence without HOTM?

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Normally I’m raiding enemies with a stength from 3.800 to 4.000. But from time to time I climb the stairs up and then I get people from the TOP 100. So getting 2.650 cups is possible for me. But because my defence is limited I loose cups quite fast till about 2.400 to 2.500 where I can stay over a longer time.

But no matter if TOP 100 or 1000 - I see nearly no defence team with only TC20 heroes. So a few hours ago I looked at the Top 50 and wrote down their defences.

Not a single one was using five standard 5* heroes. One used four 5* from TC20, eight people had two in their teams. But 15 had 5 and 15 had 4 non standard 5* heroes in it.

The most popular defence heores were:
Gravemaker (37 of 250)
Zeline (37)
Guinivere (29)
Alasie (25)

The ratio special to TC20 was 185:65 where 24 of the 65 came from Sartana.

Only two of the watched 50 teams were not using one of these four special heroes, but 13 used four and 15 used three of them.

So why am I writing that down? Quite often I read here in this forum that you can reach a lot with TC20 heroes and you would not need all those HOTM or special heroes. But then I see what I’m fighting in the raids and I ask myself where all those good teams are that are only using TC20 5*?

So what’s your opinion? Can you compete only with TC20 or with the heroes you get from the epic tokens?


You can get hotm from epic token pulls. Free to play may get you special heroes that way. In general I don’t think it’s possible to be top 100 without spending on pulls for event or hotm heroes. Ares, panther, hell, guinivere, alby, can’t compete with that with regular ones

Odds are you’re going to see everyone in top 100 with at least 1 HOTM/Event hero just based on the fact that even f2p can get lucky on their draws.

When we are talking about reaching top 100, almost anyone can do it. Including someone with only the TC20 heroes.

But the honest truth is they won’t be able to defend their high amount of trophies for long. Still HOTM only goes so far to keep you in top 100 since attackers are so heavily favored in the raids. It takes a very special defense to be able to keep your cup count up (and high troops).
Can you compete? Yes. But just like even those with full HOTM/Event heros, we are susceptible to dropping back out of the top 100.

-2Spookd :ghost:

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Within the past month I’ve been in the top 10 with only heroes from TC 20. It’s staying in top 100 that’s the issue… :wink: :smile:


Defence with tc20 heroes is really weak. This is a fact.

I won’t disagree with some of the sentiment here however, I have gotten aeron, Delilah, alasie, gravemaker, Gregorion, and Drake lee from saving hero tokens collected throughout the month.

I started playing at the very end of the December.

How many tokens is that then? I’ve had 4 tokens in 1.5 months.

Edit: I’ve had 3 elemental chests since the 1st of July, and only the first one gave me an epic hero token (1), the rest have been silver summons. The other tokens were from misc regular chests.

And I’m not saying F2P should have everything. I spent some money when I started to kick-start my roster, and have had a few months of VIP. I just think that because you personally had luck with your tokens doesn’t mean that F2P people have a particularly good shot at HotM :slight_smile:

I am not a f2p player, but I got aeron off of the first token I got the month he was available, I can say with confidence that I got Greg and Drake lee off of earned tokens… About 20… I stopped paying 2 months ago and this is the first month I haven’t gotten more than 5 earned tokens (at 4) used all 12 I had from July for Drake

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For sure it’s possible to reach the top 100 without HOTM but not to stay in (it’s even difficult to stay with :wink: )… for a F2P gamer it’s possible to play and to have a very good team but you need a lot of patience!
There is a true difference between “standard” heroes and HOTM and the differences will grow up with Atlantis summons…
Enjoy the game and do your best and top 100 isn’t the only way of satisfaction! :wink:

I have the same issue. Playing F2P for 11 months I don’t have any HOTM, but I managed to collect decent team from TC20. I have 6 5* maxed (Magni, Isarnia, Vivica, Lianna, Sartana and Azlar) and I can’t stay for so long over 2600 cups. But I’m good with that. We have local leaderboards and in my country I can reach the first 5. This level of competition is enough for me.

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As for staying in the top of the leaderboard the defense is one thing. Even the best defense can be beaten and top dudes can drop low on cups, especially them, because they kind of have a big targets on their backs, everyone wants to try to beat them. Even they sometimes can drop to 2500-2700 cups range or maybe even lower. The difference is, I think, they use lots of raid energy refills whenever they want to quickly climb back up. To some players it may look like they are always on top and never drop below top10 or 20.

And luck, as everyone!

In general very good defensive teams could comes from TC20, but you’ll even need the right troop to assign and a very long time is required to build a team able to not be pushed away from top 100 overnight.

Thanks for your answers so far.

Reaching upper places is really not the problem. Zero has a nice vid on youtube where he shows how to fight against much stronger defenses. But that was not my question. What i wanted to know is how to stay in TOP 1000 (you can replace 1000 with 5000, that’s still the same level) without special heroes?

How would such a team look like? I saw many people using Sartana and a few using Marjanna or Magni. But as I wrote only 1 out of 50 teams I analyzed used 4 TC20 heroes. I know that there is a high fluctuation at the top places. Some teams were in TOP50 when I opened the list and out of TOP1000 when I opened the team minutes later. But when I raid I get opponents from the whole upper range and all of these use non standard heroes in their defence.
So I still think you can’t have a stable defence with only TC20 heroes.

Lianna - Elena - Richard - Vivica - Sartana

wich id prefer over

Sartana - Elena - Justice - Magni - Lianna

I broke into the top 100 once when I only had 1 5*, Sartana. The rest were 4*. I just color stacked. Any good raider with a little luck can get there. Nobody can stay there without trying, even “perfect” teams.

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i would take azlar or isarnia over elena at flank any day of the week. She’s too dependent on people killing themselves on her riposte. Richard for sure for tank over Justice, any slow tank is too slow.

I’d do something like:

joon azlar richard marjana sartana/lianna.

I were about to write Azlar but that riposte is killer against the “Zeline threat” :slight_smile:

My last 70 tokens or so give me exactly:

0 - 5* heroes
0 - HotM

But Gunnar loves me a lot.


There’s a bunch of other dispellers esp when 4s raid up. Dunno most people i know fear an Azlar flank a lot more than an Elena.

My defence:
Rigard - Zeline - Richard - Azlar - Chao

I also have
Kelile, Sonya, Gormek, Grimm, Hu Tao, Sabina, Tiburtus, Little John, Skittleskull, G. Falcon, Cyprian, Scarlett, Gobble and Colen.

Can I improve my defence in any way, with hero change or a change of position?

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