Top 100 raided while online and not just revenged

So seeing and hearing top 100 players claiming they’re attacked while online, and even through random draws, not just revenges. Last i heard from SG, the only way any player is supposed to be raided while online is through revenges while in the top 100.

So are these claims accurate? Is this a bug? Did something change and not get announced? Or did i overlook the announcement?

@mhalttu @Petri @Sara

I know it’s the weekend and holidays, no rush just tagging for you guys to find it when work schedule returns to normal

I has been my experience to only get revenged while online, and in top 100.

Nice hopefully that’s the way it goes and that has been my experience as well i believe. But running to other players that claim different. So far no luck with responses to this post with those claims but we’ll see what happens

Please let us know more when/if you can. We are monitoring the game for all kinds of issues despite the holidays. If you run into any problems, always remember to send in a ticket and we can investigate further. Happy holidays everyone!


How is all this not 20 characters

Info i have so far is above

I’m thinking that he’s right and it just wasn’t announced as i couldn’t find one. Other possibility is that players unkowingly experienced a bug and it went unreported

If this happens, it is indeed a bug. If you see it yourself, please tell the exact date and time (and timezone) in a ticket so we can investigate.


Absolutely. Will do. @Kerridoc maybe u can help with this?

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