Top 100 Players and Teams need rewards


Plss guys can someone enxplain me what is the function of Global rang? Ok he is here to show you who is the best and where are you on the list
But what have you from that? that you are the number 1 or in first 100 players in the world. That is proof you are good player. But i think this Top 100 Players need reward from Devoloper for that achievement. Exempel im rang 50k and the Zero is number 1 and we are the same i receive nothing and he receive nothing on end of week Month or Year. With reward i will have more mood to fight for Top 100 players or first place.
Simple Top 100 Players need to receive reward from Devoloper also Top 100 Teams. What do you think guys ? Tnx


Yes it would not be bad …
but the reward for passing the map? I really was funny:rofl: to pass the card and not what in the end did not get:smirk: …


Yea true the rewards are rly week point of this game :frowning: