TOP 100 Alliances

This list is in my opinion useless right now because of constant changes. My ally one day is on 76 place, hour later 89, 2 hours later out of list, next day back on 70. Why not add some changes to it, to be more reliable? My idea is to make it moving average out of 7-14 days. Each change would change position slightly. Overall, overtime improvement would be key here, not the fact that we just killed titan so we are higher for next few hours until other ally hit their titan.

I know it would be hard to code that but there must some way to solve it as list right now is rather useless.

To give an example at the high end: 7DD is 1K above HHR on titan scores when all the decays are done. Long term that’s the only split: both alliances fluctuate by roughly 8k over time depending where we are on titan spawn times vs. the decay timer, but math wise we don’t gain or lose place against each other there over time because we’re each killing every 10* that comes our way… the streaks are absurdly long at this point.

If 7DD misses, we’re going to fall a minimum of 1K and probably more behind HHR; on the flipside if they miss they will fall somewhat further back. Ultimately it’s a stalemate because 11*'s don’t exist and the top 10* at 3234000 HP are being routinely slaughtered.

In the non-10* streaking alliances, your kills vs. misses matter. Your average cups matter, ultimately if you want a higher place on the alliance ranking lists you can do it, just be aware of the cultural impact that may have in your alliance.

To illustrate: my alt - on several different 10*'s my alt would not only be above the minimum damage, but above the average damage in 7DD which is unarguably one of the top 5 titan killing alliances out there (aforementioned HHR, Mixed Nuts Spicy, Aggressive, I’m sure there’s another I’m just not as familiar with maybe SW still)… and yet I flatly refuse to play the alt in any alliance that mandates any sort of cup floor. I’m just fine playing in an alliance of good folks who can kill the occasional 10* but mostly kill 9’s now, but if they made the changes to try to push for consistent 10’s right now: I’d be gone, and so would half the rest of the alliance.

Know your team mates, manage that accordingly. If you can be in the top 100 consistently that’s great, but figure out if it’s really meaningful or not… being transitory on the top 100 is not a bad thing at all. Many high quality alliances are in the same spot, and many more aren’t in the top 100 at all.

That’s not my intention of idea :slight_smile: My intention was only rapid position changes. That doesn’t look natural. Right now if we make progress we can’t clearly see this one. Maybe my ally “master of Excel” can but for me simple player isn’t.

Of course we can look at records, what max lvl we did but I don’t like that option. I prefer having some system where you change position by few points on list, not +/- 30-40.

About the cultural aspect, I think it won’t be a problem in our alliance because having fun is our primary. But it doesn’t mean we can reach somewhere higher :). It mainly depend on people, if they understand why they are doing it and want to improve.

Just chart your alliance score daily at a convenient time for you; can tell your progress that way.

Comparative rankings aren’t a good measurement of progress I agree, but over time until you get close to the titan score inflection point (80k, above this decays take away more than what you gain on a 10* win) you should be able to see progress by a simple linear fit graph worst case.

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