Top 100 Alliances War Results

Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 22, 2022
War Effect: Undead Horde #2
Next War Effect: Arrow Barrage

97 wars were reported, including 49 of the Top 50 alliances and 96 of the Top 100.

Average score was 7,018, in line with the Undead Horde average of 7,034 over the last four Undead Horde wars.


The next war effect is Arrow Barrage, which is the second lowest scoring war effect at 6,727. Average winning score is 6,700 to 7,000 as the rank increases, with the very top tier alliances averaging 7,700.


Now on to results from this war, with two wars sticking out as a bit surprising. Not because of who won the war, but because of the margin of victory.

The first was #2 7DD vs #1 TK. 7DD’s 7,865 points was enough to win back the #1 spot in a 704 point victory. In the 17 wars between those two alliances, the 704 point win is the largest margin of victory by either alliance. Contrast that with their previous three wars where the margin of victory was 256, 60 and 136 points.

7DD’s score of 7,865 was right at their average score for Undead Horde against a top tier alliance. In fact, they scored 7,816 against TK in the last Undead Horde cycle. TK’s 7,161 score, on the other hand, is their lowest since February (excluding Rush wars). While it’s possible TK had an off war, it’s also possible that experimenting with defenses can pay off.

The second war with a noticeable margin of victory was #3 GD’s 66 point victory over #7 The Fighting Squirrels. Though this is yet another win by GD against everyone not named 7DD or TK, the Squirrels continue their ascent, moving up to #7 going into this war and nearly pulling off an unexpected win.

The Squirrels had bounced around in the mid-teen ranks for the last few months, entering September at #14. In the past few weeks they have not only climbed into the Top 10, but solidified themselves there with wins over Jo Seon, Greek Frappe, The One Family, and now a near win over the #3 alliance. Their climb in the ranks wasn’t by accident or passive ascent, but instead due to a focused drive on recruiting top players with a goal of being a top war alliance. That’s easy to say, but not easy to do.

Of the five wars won by the lower ranked alliance, only one was an upset. #92 UkrLove NextGen defeated #43 Кузькина Мать by a narrow 19 points. This is the fourth win in a row for NextGen, and 9 out of 11. It’s easy for alliances to go unnoticed despite exceeding at war, so here’s my small part in highlighting an alliance that’s doing well but likely unknown to most.

Other close wars not already mentioned include #24 6th_Sense’s 69 point win over #45 FastKill and #25 Palm-Fiction’s 34 point win over unranked CHAT.



Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 25, 2022
Next War Effect: Arrow Barrage #1

91 wars were reported, including 49 of the top 50 alliances and 95 of the Top 100.

Average score for the top 100 alliances was 6,668, which a bit lower than the 6,717 average for the last five Arrow wars.


There were two intra-Top 10 wars. #2 TK defeated #5 Агрессивные by 495, while #6 The Avengers broke a string of losses to its peer group by defeating #4 7DA by 59 points.

The Avengers’ win meets the criteria for an upset win (i.e., lower ranked alliance won and the lower ranked alliance’s max war score is at least 800 lower than the defeated alliance’s max war score).

However, the #3 - #6 alliance’s are all very close in strength, and their max war score has been irrelevant in wars between those alliances. In approximately the last month, there have been seven wars between the #3 - #6 alliances. The average margin of victory was 136 and the largest margin of victory was 376. Though each of those wars could have gone either way, kudos to GD for coming out on the winning side of each of their wars.

Wars between #3 - #6 since August 18, 2022:

In intra-Top 20 wars, #10 SErotonin (welcome back to the Top 10) defeated #19 Moon Star by 331, #14 STOK won by 14 over #9 Greek Frappe, and #17 The Last Legion defeated #18 I’D HIT THAT by 337.

In other close wars, #46 FastKill lost by a heart breaking 6 points to unranked 바람‿✿, #96 Helios had a 27 point upset win over #62 ELITE CLASS, and #36 Aggravated $tRait MurKin defeated #42 Menace to Sobriety by 75.

Of the six wars won by the lower ranked alliance, there were three upset wins. In addition to those already mentioned, #120 Kenny’s Starfighters (note to self, find out who Kenny is) claimed a 210 point win over #71 Test Your Might.

And going down an unrelated path, #84 Aggravated PX Knights is a good example of SG’s war matching algorithm, especially outside top tier alliances. In their last 10 wars, PX Knights had two war against alliances of similar strength, four against much stronger alliances (including #18 STOK), and four against much weaker alliances. To no surprise, one or two wins followed by one or two losses. A 5-5 record. Something most of us can relate to.

For those not familar with the Aggravated family, they have three alliances in the Top 100. #36 Aggravated $tRait MurKin, #84 Aggravated Hellhouse and #91 Aggravated PX Knights.

Unfortunately, SG provides almost no information about our war opponents, and opponents are usually just a name. Maybe stronger, maybe weaker, but usually forgotten as soon as war is over. The primary reason for these recaps is to provide some insight into opponents for those in the Top 100 alliances. A very small window given the thousands of alliances out there, but something I find worth the time and effort.

As always, thanks to everyone who contributes to this effort. The list is long.

War recap:

Edit: Changed Impulsive to Impulsive 2 and updated narrative accordingly.


Top 100 War Results
War Ended September 29, 2022
War Effect: Arrow Barrage #2
Next War Effect: War Equalizer

Warning, this commentary is going off track right away. Skip down if you want the war highlights and not my self-indulgence in what I find to be interesting.

Last war #120 Kenny’s Starfighters (now #105) had an upset win, which got me wondering who is Kenny? Was it Kenny my best friend when I was six years old? Or maybe Kenny Rogers?

I wasn’t able to find Kenny, but using superb detective skills (my opinion), I was able to track down his #1 Starfighter.

She told me to have a seat, swore me to secrecy, then began to speak…

Kenny is a real person, though born in another galaxy. He’s a galactic hero who ended up crashing his space-bus in a small Swedish town while pursuing Doctor Neo. Kenny defeated Doctor Neo with the help of local children, saving Kenny’s home planet.

Kenny then went on to recruit 30 strong fighters to fight alongside him. That is the group we now know as Kenny’s Starfighters. Like most things that the human brain isn’t capable of comprehending, Kenny’s legacy is hidden behind the veil of myth and children’s stories.

She saw my disbelief, or perhaps heard me muttering that this sounded like Santa Claus, and said she had proof. And not only did she have proof, which is linked right below, but that I could ask anyone from Sweden and they would know who Kenny is.

Kenny Starfighter Proof 1
Kenny Starfighter Proof 2

This is the most time I’ve spent on an alliance not ranked in the Top 100, so I’ll transition this into a highlight of the main Swedish alliances.

Up until March / April of this year, Dead men tell no tales was the top Swedish alliance. At its peak a Top 20 alliance. Naughty Nightmares I was the next strongest alliance from Sweden, bouncing around from #70 to #90, followed by Dead Men Rises at around #100.

The two Dead men alliances folded, and from their ashes rose URSIDAE, currently ranked at #27. Naughty Nightmares I continues strong, climbing to #37. And now Kenny’s Starfighters joins them as the third ranked Swedish alliance.

Rounding out the top five Swedish alliances are Naughty Nightmares II (close to being tracked, but not quite there) and Enyo.

And just in, (S)we Casual 1337 may be another Swedish alliance also approaching Top 100 territory.

I knew URSIDAE was a Swedish alliance, but I had no idea what URSIDAE meant. Time for further investigation…

Leader of URSIDAE, “We are the Swedish bears!”
Me, “So ursidae is Swedish for bear? Now I know.”
Him, “Dumb***. Ursidae is English. Did you go to school?”

You can go to school and also be a dumb***. Guess he isn’t all that smart…

But I confirmed it anyways.

Ok, maybe I feel a little foolish.

So, it turns out that ursidae is the family of mammals in the order Carnivora. “Huh?” you might ask. Here you go for those who choose not to skip these ramblings…

Animal hierarchy:

Ursidae is comprised of eight species of bears in five genera. Brown bears, American black bears, Asian black bears, snow bears, sloth bears, spectacled bears and the giant panda. Ursidaes are simply called “bears.” Hence, the connection between Ursidae and Swedish bears. Now you know.

I had planned on making a few comments this recap about the shifting war meta at the higher levels, which was beginning to trickle down. W3K defenses starting to take hold, plus magic troops becoming more common. But then the rebalancing update was announced earlier today, which specifically targets WK3 and XNOL defenses. So I scratched my plans to touch upon the current war meta.

We’re now entering a phase of uncertainty as alliances reassess their war defenses. From my perspective, I am curious to see if this opens the door for a variety of tank colors, especially outside the top tier of alliances.

Ok, now the real recap.

With 7DA’s and Greek Frappe’s losses last war, there was a ripple effect throughout the Top 20 alliances


As an experiment, I’m highlighting in green on the recap defeated alliances that were at least a full war tier below their opponent, but did well despite the mismatch. Feedback appreciated.

In mismatched wars, #33 Team China (67 points), #98 Bimbi Guardiani Divini (195 points) and #109 LEGACY (313) did very well despite losing, coming close(ish) to an upset win.

Speaking of which, the only matchup where there was a two war tier difference between ranked alliances was #24 Moon Star against #101 Awake PL. Moon Star was coming off back to back losses to #17 I’D HIT THAT and then #10 SErotinin, while Awake PL was at their war cap. An unfortunate, but foreseeable 1K+ loss for Awake. Though compared to some of the other results, Awake put up a respectable fight.

In intra-Top 10 wars, 7DD defeated #7 The fighting Squirrels by 1,876. The Squirrels haven’t had the opportunity recently to match up against the #3 - #6 alliances, so it’s unclear whether their recent growth in strength puts them at that level of play, or if they remain a bit behind the second tier alliances. If this outcome is any indication, the Squirrels may have risen to their current potential, with more growth needed before competing with those above them.

#2 TK showed its strength with a solid 1,335 point win over GD (busting my prior comments about the gap narrowing between the Top 2 and the rest of the field).

Also of note is #14 TLL’s win over #9 SErotonin. I have the upmost respect for Serotonin, the #2 strongest Russian alliance, but hats off to TLL for pulling off a very, very close 15 point win. These alliances have fought a number of times in the past, often with Top 10 rankings at stake, and here we are with them still battling it out.

There were a number of close wars, and a few upset wins. But I’m running out of steam, so I’ll refer you to the recap for details.

Finally, I’ll circle back to the XNOL / W3K nerf. I’ll be keeping a close eye on war scores to see if there’s a noticeable impact, reporting back here. The war effect for this next war, the first where the nerfs will be in place, is War Equalizer. The average score is 6,851, with the last two wars at 6,822 and 6,804. We’ll soon see to what extent the nerfs have an impact.


And finally again, the war recap. As mentioned above, with strong performances by defeated alliances highlighted. Keep, or trash?


Love the green marks in the recap! :ok_hand: Then you can see upcoming alliances better.

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That was a ton of fun to read! I love these recaps and the comprehensive analyses. For us not yet in the top-20 I much appreciate the tables for match-ups and outcome as it makes it quite easy to make sense of the trend for our alliance and those nearby.
Keep up the good work and thanks a LOT @Beezzer :star_struck:

/Feral•Dreamer of Naughty Nightmares 1


Top 100 War Results
War Ended October 2, 2022
Next War Effect: War Equalizer #1

To address a question that has been asked a few times this week, the rankings are for alliances that typically fight at 30 during the prior 10-war period. If any alliance has too many wars below 30, they will no longer be ranked (“NR,” Not Ranked). If they remain unranked for too long, then will eventually be removed from the ranking list and no longer tracked (“NT,” Not Tracked).

If an alliance returns to fighting at 30, then eventually they will be ranked again.

As a general guide, more than 4 wars below 30/30 during the 10-war ranking period will result in an alliance being unranked. But there are a few additional factors that are taken into account, so 4 wars is not a hard and fast number, though it applies 90%+ of the time.

Also, ranked Ukrainian alliances are currently exempt from the requirement to fight at 30/30 in order to remain ranked.

To be tracked for purposes of being ranked, a war score of at least 156.5K during the prior 10-wars is needed. However, alliances ranked in the Top 100 have war scores of approximately 158.0K or higher.

Regarding the Top 10 alliances, alliances #1 - #7 are comfortably in the Top 10. Alliances #8 - #10 are vulnerable to dropping out of the Top 10 with a single loss. There are six alliances that can make a strong argument for those last 3 ranks in the Top 10.

Despite #9 SErotonin’s 15 point loss to #14 TLL last war, SErotonin remains at #9. That’s due largely in part to SErotonin’s 782 point win against TLL earlier in the ranking period.

#10 The One Family remains at #10 instead of jumping ahead of Serotonin due to The One Family’s 195 point loss to #12 SPR!TZ (which drops outside the ranking period in one week).

My message to those alliances ranked #8 - #13 is those wars against your peer competitors have significant weight in making the Top 10. It’s boiling down to a single loss when I do my review, and there is close to no gap between those alliances. Winning those “50/50” wars is critical, while at the same time avoiding unexpected losses.

After TK’s 1K+ win over #3 GD last war, they racked up another 1K+ win against another Top 5 alliance. A 1,315 point win this war against #5 7DA. While those are interesting stats to me, ultimately the only wars that matter for TK’s ranking are those against 7DD. They’re still be in the cool down period this next war, but we should have another championship war next weekend.

Now, on to the main thing that many are interested in. The impact of the XNOL / W3K nerfs.

The top 6 alliances all ditched XNOL tanks, but remained with purple tanks. W3K teams also appeared to remain in place. Clearly their determination was that the nerf was enough to push XNOL behind alternative tanks, and it wasn’t necessary to wait and see.

Further down the rankings, it seems to have been more of a mixed bag. Some alliances remained with their normal XNOL defenses (wait and see approach?), while others appeared to have some switching, but still a heavy presence of XNOL. Due to the lack of options further down the ranks, I wouldn’t expect there to be a shift in war defenses as fast as there has been at the top.

So that being said, what do the numbers tell us about the nerfs?

There was a very distinct jump in average scores across the ranking tiers. Whether alliances stuck with XNOL / W3K or switched, scores increased. However, that’s to be expected when the top two defenses were nerfed.

The average Equalizer score for the two wars prior to this one was 6,822 and 6,804. This war the average was 7,028, an increase of 179 from the average of the prior two wars. To put that into context, variances of 50 points is the norm from one war to the next with the same war effect. Occasionally, but not that common, there are variances up to 100. If I see a variance of 100, I pay attention to see if that was an exception or a sign of something may have changed behind the scenes. For example, SG nerfed war defenses twice last summer without making any announcement.

So with a jump of 179 points in the average this war, there’s no doubt the nerf has impacted defenses. Whether that’s enough to achieve SG’s stated goal of breaking the chokehold of the current war meta remains to be seen.

Here’s the detail for average Equalizer scores by war tier. I tend to ignore Tier 1 due to the limited data points. However, even in Tier 1 winning alliances you can see the noticeable 312 point increase in average scores. Other than average scores of defeated alliances in Tier 1, which consists of only 3 wars in total, every other tier had an increase in average score for both the winning and defeated alliance.


For this war, 83 wars were reported, including all 50 of the Top 50 alliances and 93 of the Top 100.

Six wars were won by the lower alliance, of which two were upset wins. #11 Quantum Knights defeated #8 Jo Seon by 30 (see prior comments about no real gap in ranks #8 - #13), while #58 ELITE CLASS defeated #51 TAMARIBA by 254.

Defeated alliances matched against significantly strong opponents but who did well despite the mismatch include #95 Empire of Latvia (15 point loss to #62 Simbiose), #120 Gronnere Galehus I (134 point loss to #68 MOHIKAN), and #112 The Redeemed Ones (36 point loss to #75 Quantum Legend).

The Redeemed Ones are new to the rankings, becoming ranked just last week. Their near upset win boiled down to their last player to hit going 5 for 6, scoring 261 points. That put pressure on Quantum Legend to come from behind with their last two flags after the clock had expired. It was due to QL’s last two flags being one shots that they secured a 36 point win, avoiding an upset loss.

After not being ranked for a period of time (excess wars below 30/30), The Incognitos have fought themselves back into the rankings at #79. They have gone 5-1 over the last 6 wars, all against “50/50” peer alliances. An amazing feat that doesn’t happen that often and the reason they’re #79 despite having the 103rd highest max war score of ranked alliances. But I suspect if you ask them, they’ll say I screwed up that stat as they’ve gone 9-1 over the last 10 wars, which is true. But I don’t put quite as much weight on unranked and/or below 30/30 wars as often times those are mismatched wars. But no matter how you want to look at it, The Incognitos are currently tearing through their tier of alliances.

Alliances that had the misfortune of fighting an opponent two tiers above them were #108 Oceano Pacifico (1,314 point loss to #30 Mixed Nuts) and #122 RenegatenAF (1,010 point loss to #47 FastKill).

And since no one asked, did you know that 12 am and 12 pm don’t formally exist? While it’s common to use 12 pm as noon, that’s not technically correct. 12:00 is the point in time between am and pm. It’s neither. That’s why in legal documents the lawyers use 11:59 pm, 12:01 am, or midnight. But not 12:00 am.

What time is it?

And finally, the war recap:


Thank you for the mention. I’m the leader of the Redeemed Ones

My pleasure. While the spotlight is usually on the alliances at the top, I do what I can to highlight lower ranked alliances.

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Top 100 War Results
War Ended October 6, 2022
Next War Effect: War Equalizer #2
Next War Effect: Attack Boost

95 wars reported including 49 of the Top 50 and 95 of the Top 100.

Average score this war was 6,989, down 39 points (a normal variance) from last war’s average of 7,028. That’s an average for the two post-nerf Equalizer wars of 7,009, which is 159 points higher than the average for the four pre-nerf Equalizer wars. A significant jump that reflects the impact of the nerfs.


Based on a very limited, anecdotal view, the war meta continues to be in extreme flux. At least three Top 15 teams went with non-purple tanks (2X red and 1X green).

More and more alliances seem to be shifting away from Xnol, with purple minion tanks a current favorite. However, there doesn’t seem to be a wide spread shift away from purple tanks. At least not at the moment.

Now on to ranks and war results.

Due primarily to Jo Seon’s loss to Quantum Knights last war and to The Last Legion’s loss to #25 Seven Days Hunting dropping off the 10-war ranking period, there was a shift in the lower half of the Top 15.

Jo Seon was ranked #8 prior to its loss, but dropped to #11. SErotonin moved up a spot to #8, while TLL (9-1 before this war) made its return to the Top 10 at #9 after a five month absence. Also returning to the Top 10 at #10 is Quantum Knights.

To repeat comments from prior recaps, there continues to not be much of a gap between alliances in the #8 - #13 range. A single win or loss by those alliances, especially against each other, can have a significant impact.

In the three intra-Top 10 wars, #1 7DD scored a war high 8,173 on its way to a 561 point win against #3 GD.

#2 TK continues its dominating way with a third 1k+ win in a row against a Top 10 opponent (victim was #10 Quantum Knights this war).

And the last intra-Top 10 war was #6 Агрессивные (red tanks) defeating #7 The Fighting Squirrels by a relatively close 375 points.

In Top 20 action, #13 be Water (green tanks) defeated #9 TLL by 401. See comments above regarding the razor thin difference between the #8 - #13 alliances.

#8 - #13: Where the action is! I won’t argue if you rank them differently than I do, but here they are alphabetically:

be Water
Jo Seon
Quantum Knights
The Last Legion
The One Family

There were 12 wars won by the lower ranked alliance, a larger number than usual. Of those, four were upset wins. #86 Aggravated Hellhouse won by the narrowest of margins in a 23 point win over #60 Abusement Park.

Correction, #96 Kenny’s Starfighters won by the narrowest of margins in a 1 point win over #78 The Dragons Revolution.

By the way, did you know that Kenny is from… Never mind, I think I covered that before.

Not wanting to die of a heart attack at war’s end, #99 KANCIAPA AKTYWNYCH took an easier route with its 211 point upset win over #53 Seven Days Condemned, while #104 LEGACY grabbed a 1,040 point win over #93 Stok… ZODIAC for the final upset win.

Despite facing much stronger opponents, #39 CARTEL and #55 Blackmoonlight perfomed extremely well in their defeats.

Now to switch gears. With a lot of help, I tracked down the primary language for each of the ranked alliances.

In the Top 100, there are 20 languages represented. English has the greatest number of Top 100 alliances at 37, while German comes in #2 at 10.

Here’s the list of languages for the Top 100 and number of alliances for each language.

And here’s a list of the Top 2 ranked alliances for each language. For this list, I also included alliances ranked below #100. That resulted in Bulgarian and Norwegian making the list despite not having any alliances in the Top 100.


I work for likes :grinning:


Here is the list of all ranked alliances sorted first by language, then by alliance rank.

Arabic through German:

Greek through Ukrainian

You might be wondering why there is both Brazilian and Portuguese on the list. After all, we all know that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, so why differentiate?

As it turns out (i.e., I was kindly educated by my primary Brazilian/Portuguese contact when he saw I originally had Portuguese for the Brazilian alliances), there is a difference. There is European Portuguese, and there is Brazilian Portuguese. Distrinct differences between the two. But why is that any different than U.S. English compared to British English, for example?

The difference is that Portuguese speaking alliances tend to fall within one or the other. Portuguese or Brazilian. That’s not the case for the (Top 100) English alliances. And since this is a list of alliances, being able to differentiate matters.

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